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DOS multiple choice questions List

What do you mean by DOS?
An operating system that uses a disc drive is known as a DOS, or disc software. The phrase can also be used to describe a specific group of disc operating systems, most frequently MS-DOS, short for Microsoft DOS. 

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Why is DOS used?
The function of a disc operating system is to allow the computer to move data from a magnetic disc to another component of the device, such as the printer, the computer's main memory, or RAM. 

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What is DOS command and its types?
DOS commands come in two flavors: internal commands and external commands. The internal commands are those DOS commands whose specifications may be easily retrieved and are internally stored in the file. These are the commands that are used the most. All students may refine their abilities on Quizack by practicing and studying the largest possible collection of DOS multiple choice questions and answers. 
What is DOS boot process?
The process of loading the operating system into memory is known as booting. When we turn on the computer, the booting process begins and lasts until the machine is ready for usage. When we turn on the computer, the DOS booting procedure begins and lasts until the DOS prompt appears. 

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Which type of operating system is DOS?
A CUI-type operating system is DOS. System software, which is loaded from storage drives when the system is started or restarted, is a general phrase used in computer science to describe any operating system. DOS is a command-line interface, a single-tasking operating system for a single user. DOS responds to instructions. Quizack is a top-notch learning facility where you may receive the greatest assistance with DOS MCQ for getting ready for exams and job interviews.