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What is Quizack?

Quizack is a highly scalable and powerful Online Exam System that is easy to use with multiple categories, quizzes and multiple choice questions answers. Improve your employees skills level or prepare candidates to perform extraordinarily with an easy to use highly interactive platform and simplify the assessment cycle.

Smart Online Skill Assessments & MCQs

Test your knowledge for any skill or challenge your friends or employees with our 500+ available skills. We provide Skill tests in form of smart MCQs. These skill assessment of ours take less time and give a quick overview of skill level. QUIZACK also provides multiple choice question answer for study purpose and to increase your knowledge of relevant field.

One Platform to Test All Skill

QUIZACK Skill library consists of Skills from multiple categories. We cover all market dominant fields including technology, programming, engineering, office skills, writing, designing and many others. Every Category has tests that we see necessary and we keep updating our library regularly with new skill and relevant skill tests or MCQs.

Thousands of MCQs & Online Tests

Quizack provides a large database of MCQ type questions answers and online Skill Assessment tests in an interactive environment so you can test your knowledge.


Quizack has thousands of questions answers available for free in an interactive way. We choose MCQ type format so people can get the answer to their questions quickly. We regularly keep updating new questions to our database for all fields.

Online Tests for Skill Assessment

We provide MCQ based online tests, which are free to take. You can use them to test your or someone else’s skill level. These tests can also be used for pre-interview screening. We are working on adding new features to this section.

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