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Resume Writing multiple choice questions List

What is Resume?

A resume is a document that you use to apply for employment. It typically contains your personal information, education, experience, work history, awards and honors, skills and accomplishments.

What is Job Title in Resume?

Job titles in a resume list out what the candidate has done in their career. The job title is usually very specific and says exactly what the candidate did. Some examples of job titles are: Project Manager, Operations Supervisor , Marketing Specialist, Administrative Assistant etc.

How to Format a Resume?

1. In a resume, you should only list the previous job relevant to the one you are applying for.

2. If the date spans two years, then just write down the year and put periods instead of writing January – December or 1 – 12.

3. Format is: Company Name | Title/Job Description | Otherwise include location and dates.

4. Make yourself sound competent (when possible) and be sure to use keywords found in the job description, but don't blatantly make up words or phrases that would not normally appear on a resume.

5. Keep it short; you do not want to go over one page due to the potential employer not wanting to read through everything.

6. Please edit the resume to make it personalized for the job you are applying for. If you have a better way of doing something, then feel free to do that instead of following this guide exactly.

7. Be sure to proofread and spell check! Spell checking is very important because it removes all distractions from your potential employer's mind so they can focus more on your work experience.

8. Also make sure you add all your updated contact details like Email, address and other contact info.

What is the Best Resume Format

Many job seekers want to know what is the best resume type to use when applying for a job. In fact, many of us become confused about which kind of resume we should submit, especially if our work experience varies from one position to another.

First, let's take a look at the different types of resumes:

Chronological Resume - highlights your work experience and education based on the dates of employment.

Functional Resume - shows skills and qualifications in relation to the position desired; especially useful for people who want to change careers, or re-enter the workforce after an extensive break (i.e., raise children).

Combination Resume - a mixture of both chronological and functional; it is normally preferred by most job seekers because it gives employers an idea of what you've done, and tells them how your experience will benefit the company.

However, it's not always easy to decide which resume format would be best for you (especially if you don't have any related work experience). Question often come to mind that how many pages should a resume have? Answer to that is one page is enough. Rarely a resume has two pages or three pages, however, it's recommended to have only 1-page Resume.

Difference in CV and Resume

CVs or Curriculum Vitae are typically used by people who have extensive work experience or those applying for fellowships or tenure-track academic positions. The length of a Curriculum Vitae is limited to two pages, but they can often be far longer than that. Their purpose is to act as an academic portfolio, which includes all of the work, teaching, and research experience you have obtained throughout your education.

What is a very plain looking resume?

A very plain-looking resume is a resume that does not have any fancy graphics or colors. It is simply a black-and-white document with your information listed. You might be wondering why you would need a very plain-looking resume. The answer is simple: hiring managers often prefer to see resumes that are not too busy or overwhelming. A very plain resume allows them to quickly scan your information and get an idea of your experience and qualifications.

What is a word processed resume?

A word processed resume is a resume that has been created using a word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word. This type of resume allows you to easily edit and format your resume and can be saved in either a DOC or DOCX file format.

Some General Suggestions

While preparing your resume, you should also consider some other aspects of the interview process and have the answers prepared for them for example the employer may discuss salary and you should have a number in your mind for that question.

You may be asked about your recent employer, skills, work history, career goal, strengths/weaknesses, etc.

They want to you know if you are willing to work on offer

Interviewers love to ask about your most recent employer and your work experience and history with them. They might ask you for references or experience letters from your most recent employer.

It's rare but some companies has a diverse workforce and in that case, they would ask you about your religious affiliation and if you are able to speak more than 1 language (given the diverse ethnic workforce)

Your resume acts as a copy of your professional life.


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