About Us

Quizack provides solutions for tricky interview questions, online IT tests, Mock tests (job assessments), and freelance skill tests.

Through different customer interactions, we came to know that they were not able to handle online tests despite having all the latest knowledge. Everyone was claiming about the ambiguous structures and tricky practical terms. So our team of experts started looking at different ways towards providing dynamic solutions against tricky online tests. They have devised the most optimistic system where users could do thorough practice and familiarize themselves with ambiguous structures. 

Knowing the root cause

Our team of experts diagnosed that most of the online or offline tutorials are not up to the mark while providing solutions for the assessments. Some websites are giving outdated tutorials with deprecated topics. Whereas, others are giving simply wrong information in terms of answers or practical terminologies. Moreover, we came across some websites whose content was up to date but they were delivering it through typical PDF or DOC format. 

On top of that, restricted time limits were making professionals fall short in their assessments.

Where the solution lies

During the initial stages, we assumed that it would be enough if you are familiar with the typical scenarios and knowing the expected answer. But that did not prove to be enough, users fell prey to tricky structuring especially in multiple-choice questions. What we discovered, that it is the online practice where our users were lacking. They were knowing the answers but they were unable to access the typical style of questions in a short time.

Practice makes a man perfect

You might come across several websites or offline platforms where the information will be as per the standards. But sometimes it is not adequate to have all the knowledge. It is a matter of practice as well.

We conducted testing phases where users were knowing all the basics and advanced skills relevant to their exams or assessment but they still fell short. What we accessed, despite knowing all the answers by heart. It was a typical question structuring and a short time limit which was causing issues. 

Where we stand tall

We don’t discourage having enough knowledge about any particular field but you should be a master in picking up the right answer given through tricky structure, even within a pretty short time. That’s what online tests/assessments or tricky interviews do. We are going to make you practice the questions through our most interactive practicing modes. 

Practice questions through real simulation

So, we are not only providing you the knowledge as per the standard criteria but we are giving you an atmosphere where you feel like taking a real exam. We have implemented MCQs and all other questions in the same typical way as they appear in real exam format. 

Hence, our online practice will make you sharp in guessing the right answer even within a short time. You will be able to focus on knowing the answer instead of getting confused about the ambiguous structures and this all will be possible due to our online practice sessions. 

We mainly provide tests and MCQs for the following categories,
IT & Programming
Design & Multimedia
Writing & Translation
Sales & Marketing
Admin Support
Engineering & Manufacturing
Finance & Management

Our interactive system will take you towards perfection

We are not only providing you enough chance to practice questions online through practicing mode but we will be making you assess your own ability, too. Yes, if you are done with practicing all the scenarios then you can go for the trial before appearing for the real exam. Our virtual testing mode will ask random questions within a short time but answers will be shown at the end. 

Hence, you can really judge yourself where you stand and improve your deficiency. 

What's next in our minds.

Based on the feedback and our previous experiences, we have been doing well when it comes to providing solutions for real exam scenarios through real exam simulations. We are in the process of gathering a huge team of professionals from every possible domain. By dint of their knowledge and experiences, we look to set up a huge database for any type of assessment, online quiz, or interview scenarios. Our users will be free to pick random questions and devise their own tests for the assessment purpose.