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PHP multiple choice questions List

What is PHP is used for?
For the creation of dynamic web pages, PHP is a well-liked programming language. PHP code can be used alone, in conjunction with different web template systems, web content management systems, and web frameworks, or it can be incorporated into HTML code.

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What coding is PHP?
A server-side programming language called PHP is used to create dynamic internet content. It is a versatile tool for building websites since it can be placed into HTML code. The client's web browser then receives the outcomes of the server's PHP code execution. You may practice and acquire experience using Quizack's vast library of PHP multiple choice questions in order to effortlessly achieve the best results in your examinations and initial interviews.
Is PHP used anymore?
Yes, a lot of webmasters and developers still use PHP. Although other languages have gained some of their prior prominences, PHP is still a reliable and strong alternative for creating dynamic webpages. Facebook, Wikipedia, and are just a few of the several huge and well-known websites that continue to run on PHP.

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Which is better Python or PHP?
Due to the fact that both Python and PHP have benefits and drawbacks, there is no simple answer to this topic. While PHP is quicker and simpler to learn, Python is generally regarded as being more powerful and adaptable. Therefore, the best language for you would depend on your demands.
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Is learning PHP easy?
The popular programming language PHP is frequently employed in web development. PHP is simple to learn for many people, especially if they have prior programming language knowledge. PHP, however, is quite simple to learn even for those without any prior programming knowledge.

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