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Adobe Illustrator multiple choice questions List

Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator is a software application used for creating vector graphics. Vector graphics are composed of mathematically precise lines and curves, rather than pixels, so they can be scaled to any size without losing resolution. This makes them ideal for logos, illustrations, and other graphics that need to be reproduced in different sizes. Adobe Illustrator also allows you to create complex designs with multiple layers and effects. Quizack is the best place to get illustrator MCQ questions and answers.

What is an anchor point?

An anchor point or anchor points are locations on a vector path that can be used to adjust the shape or direction of the path. Anchor points are also used to create links between paths, allowing for complex shapes to be composed of multiple paths. There are two types of anchor points: corner and smooth. Corner anchor points are created by clicking and dragging with the mouse, while smooth anchor points are created by clicking and dragging with the shift key held down. Corner anchor points can be converted to smooth anchor points by hovering over them and pressing the alt (option) key. Smooth anchor points can be converted to corner anchor points by hovering over them and pressing the control (command) key. Quizack provides the latest and the most significant adobe illustrator questions and answers in the form of MCQ so you can easily assess how much you know about it. 

What is the basic tool shape in adobe illustrator?

The basic tool shape in Adobe Illustrator is the Pen Tool. It is used to create vector graphics and illustrations. Quizack has a pool of adobe illustrator mcqs that will assist you to get the best results in your examinations. You can use it to draw straight lines, curves, and shapes.

There are also a variety of other tools that you can use for different effects, including the Brush Tool, the Ellipse Tool, and the Rectangle Tool.

Pen tool:

The pen tool is one of the most important tools in Adobe Illustrator. It allows you to create freehand shapes and lines. You can also use it to create precise vector illustrations. The pen tool works by creating anchor points, which are then used to define the shape of your object. You can add or remove anchor points to control the shape of your object. You can also use the pen tool to create curves and smooth lines. The pen tool is a great way to create complex vector illustrations.

What is a vector image?

A vector image or Vector images are computer graphics images formed by the intersection of two or more geometric paths. Each path is defined by a series of points, called vertices, and connected by line segments called edges. Vectors can be drawn using a pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, or they can be created automatically using the software's built-in shapes. Vector images are resolution-independent, meaning they can be enlarged or reduced without losing quality. They are also easy to edit and can be used to create animations and videos.

Selection tool:

The selection tool is one of the basic tools that you'll use in Adobe Illustrator. It allows you to select objects on the canvas so that you can manipulate them. You can use the selection tool to drag objects around, resize them, or delete them. Additionally, you can use the selection tool to add new objects to your composition.

What is a direct selection tool?

A direct selection tool is a tool in Adobe Illustrator that allows you to select individual points, segments, and anchor points on objects. This can be helpful for manipulating objects or reshaping them. You can also use the direct selection tool to move objects around on the canvas.

What are line segments?

A line segment is a part of a line that has two points. It is created by drawing a straight line between two points. Line segments can be used to create shapes and designs. They are also used in mathematical formulas.

Live trace feature of adobe illustrator:

One of the features of Adobe Illustrator is live trace. Live trace turns a bitmap image into a vector graphic. This can be done automatically or by hand. The resulting vector graphic can then be edited and customized to your needs. Also, Quizack presents an efficient way to get knowledge about this tool through its big assortment of adobe illustrator multiple choice questions with answers.

Rectangle tool:

The rectangle tool is a basic drawing tool in Adobe Illustrator that allows you to create rectangles and squares. To use the rectangle tool, select it from the toolbar and drag it across the canvas to create a rectangle. You can also specify the dimensions of the rectangle by clicking and dragging diagonally corners. The rectangle tool can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating buttons, logos, and other graphics.

What is the correct procedure to use Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a software application used for creating vector illustrations and graphics. It can be used for both print and web design projects. The first step in using Adobe Illustrator is to open the program. Next, you will need to create a new document. To do this, go to the File menu and select New. In the dialog box that appears, enter the dimensions of your document. You can choose from a variety of presets, or you can create your own custom settings.

Square polygon tool:

A square polygon tool is a tool in Adobe Illustrator that lets you create squares and other regular polygons. To use it, click and drag on the canvas to create a shape. You can also adjust the number of sides and the angle of the sides.

What is a raster image?

A raster image is a digital image that is made up of individual pixels. Each pixel is assigned a color, and when you look at the image as a whole, you see the combination of all the colors that make up the picture. Raster images are resolution-dependent, which means that the more pixels there are in an image, the higher the image's resolution will be. This also means that raster images usually take up more disk space than vector images.

What is a polygon tool?

A polygon tool is a tool used to create polygons. It allows you to create and edit polygons by adding or removing points. You can also use it to adjust the angles and curves of your polygons.

Who is a graphic designer? 

A graphic designer is someone who uses creativity and imagination to come up with ideas for advertisements, logos, and other forms of visual media. They use software like Adobe Illustrator to create the designs they come up with.

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