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Drupal multiple choice questions List

What Drupal is used for?
Anyone or any group of users, regardless of technical proficiency, may easily construct and administer a wide variety of websites using Drupal, which is open-source and free software. The program comes with a programming framework and a content management system. 
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What programming language is Drupal? 
PHP is the language used to create Drupal software, thus every Drupal developer has to be familiar with it. This is because PHP is a versatile and simple-to-learn programming language, regardless of your prior expertise. By practicing the most important Drupal MCQ questions and answers supplied by Quizack, you may learn more about this topic.
Is drupal easy to learn?
In reality, Drupal employs one of the most straightforward and basic logics in CMS site-building. Actually, there is no need for an alarm. Despite being a powerful CMS, Drupal isn't very challenging to master.  

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Is Drupal front end or back end?
Headless Drupal is a method for creating websites with Drupal in which Drupal acts as the backend content repository. Different technologies were used to build the front end, which uses an API to connect to Drupal. As seen in the graph, Drupal is used as the backend system. Quizack is a good source of giving knowledge about your required topic. It covers almost all the latest and the most important Drupal multiple choice questions that will help you in the examination or any job interview.