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Enterprise Java Beans - EJB multiple choice questions List

Enterprise Java Beans:

Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) is a component architecture for the development and deployment of enterprise Java applications. Enterprise JavaBeans are built on top of the Java EE platform and provide a standard way to create reusable business logic components that can be deployed in any compliant Java EE application server.

Java bean:

A Java Bean is a reusable software component that can be manipulated visually in a builder tool. A developer creates a Java Bean by writing a class that conforms to certain conventions. Once the bean is written, it can be used in any number of ways and in any number of applications.

What is message driven bean?

Message-driven beans (MDBs) are enterprise beans that handle messages asynchronously. They are similar to session and entity beans in that they are managed by the container, but they differ in several respects. First, message-driven beans do not have home and remote interfaces. Second, they use Java Message Service (JMS) rather than RMI for communication. Finally, message-driven beans are not transacted by default; that is, they do not participate in container-managed transactions unless explicitly configured to do so.

What is a session bean?

A session bean is a server-side component that represents a conversation with a client. It is used to manage the state of an interactive client session. Session beans can be either stateless or stateful.

Stateless session bean:

A stateless session bean does not maintain a conversational state with the client. This means that a stateless session bean cannot remember anything about previous interactions with the client and, as a result, all invocations are treated independently. Because they do not maintain any state between method invocations, stateless session beans can service multiple clients concurrently.

Stateful session bean:

A stateful session bean is a type of enterprise bean that maintains a state across multiple client invocations. That is, the bean instance's variables retain their values from one invocation to the next. A stateful session bean therefore can be thought of as a conversation between the enterprise bean and the client.

What is a singleton session bean?

A singleton session bean is a type of enterprise bean that allows only one instance of the bean to be created per JVM. This means that all clients accessing the bean will share the same instance. A singleton session bean is used when you need to ensure that only one instance of the bean exists in the application. This can be useful for creating a cache of data that needs to be shared across all users of the application. 

Entity bean:

Entity beans are enterprise JavaBeans that represent persistent data in a database. Entity beans can be used to represent data in a relational database, an object-oriented database, or any other kind of data store. Entity beans are typically used to represent data that will be persisted in a database, such as customer information or product information.

What is business logic?

Business logic is the code that implements the business rules of an application. It is usually written in the form of classes, with each class representing a specific business entity.

EJB container:

An EJB container is a server-side component that provides a runtime environment for enterprise beans. The container is responsible for managing the lifecycle of enterprise beans and providing services such as security, concurrency, transactions, and connectivity to external resources.

What is a java massage session?

A Java Message Service (JMS) is a standard for accessing enterprise messaging systems. A JMS session provides a context in which message producers and consumers operate. It is analogous to a database connection or JDBC connection. A JMS provider typically implements a number of sessions, each with its own thread of control.

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