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Windows 8 multiple choice questions List

Can I install Windows 8 for free?
You can absolutely install Windows 8 for nothing. However, in order to activate and use the operating system, you must buy a legitimate license. Windows 8 licenses may be obtained in a number of methods, including through retail outlets and by downloading the software from Microsoft's main website.

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What is Windows 8 also known as?
Windows NT 6.2 is another name for Windows 8. It is an operating system for personal computers that Microsoft released. In October 2012, this operating system was made available. Many new capabilities in Windows 8 are absent from earlier Windows iterations. These consist of updated hardware support, a new user interface, and other things. 

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Is Window 8 good?
For many reasons, Windows 8 is a fantastic operating system. Its security and safety precautions are among its top qualities. Your machine will be well-protected against malware and other dangers if you use Windows 8. A wonderful user experience is also provided by Windows 8 due to its clean and contemporary style. Regardless of whether you're using a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC, Windows 8 is incredibly intuitive and simple to use. All things considered, Windows 8 is a great option for any Windows user. 

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What are the main features of Windows 8?
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Some of the most notable new features in Windows 8 include:

  • The Start screen replaces the traditional Start menu with a touch-optimized interface that allows quick access to your apps and settings.
  • Live tiles, are shortcuts to your apps that update in real-time to show you new information at a glance.
  • The Charms bar, provides quick access to important features like the Search, Share, Start, and Devices charms.
  • The Windows Store is a one-stop shop for finding and buying apps for your PC, tablet, or phone.
  • Support for ARM processors, which helps improve battery life on devices like tablets.
  • A new version of Internet Explorer that is designed for touch and other new types of input.

Is Windows 8 good for gaming?
The features that Windows 8 offers may greatly enhance your gaming experience, making it a fantastic choice for gamers. For instance, DirectX 11.1 functionality is included in Windows 8, which can enhance game visuals and performance. Additionally, Windows 8 supports multiple displays, which is helpful for gamers who want to play on numerous screens. 

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