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What is meant by software testing?

Software testing is the process of confirming and validating a software application's functionality. Testing is done to make sure the software program complies with business needs and functions as intended. 

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What is the main purpose of software testing?

Software testing's primary goal is to confirm that a computer program complies with all specifications and is error-free. 

Functional testing and non-functional testing are the two subtypes of software testing. Functional testing is concerned with the functionality of the program, whereas non-functional testing is concerned with its performance and other elements. 

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Is software testing easy?

Answering this question is challenging. Your level of experience and knowledge will determine this. It might not be simple for you if you are just starting off with software testing. It could be simpler for you, though, if you have previous expertise with software testing. Software testing has a wide range of facets, so it's critical to comprehend them all before getting started. 

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Does software testing require coding?

Software testing does not involve coding. Automation tools or manual testing methods are both acceptable. Although scripting may be necessary for automated testing, this may be done with little to no coding experience. Coding is not needed for manual testing. Though knowing code can assist testers in better grasping how the system functions and how to test it, coding abilities can be useful for both manual and automated testing. 

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How many types of software testing are there?

There are several types of software testing, which can be classified in a number of ways. Broadly speaking, however, there are four main categories:

  • Functional testing: This type of testing is concerned with verifying the functionality of the software according to the requirements.
  • Non-functional testing: This type of testing is concerned with assessing the quality of the software in terms of non-functional attributes such as performance, scalability, security, etc.
  • Unit testing: This is a low-level form of testing where individual units/components of the software are tested in isolation.
  • Integration testing: This is a higher-level form of testing where different units/components of the software are combined and tested as a group.

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