Swift MCQ Questions Answers

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Swift multiple choice questions List

What programming language is used in Swift?

Swift is a flexible language that may be applied to many different situations. It may be used for server-side programming as well as for creating cross-platform applications, however, it is most frequently utilized for creating iOS and macOS applications. 

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Is Swift frontend or backend?

Swift can be used for both frontend and backend development, but because that is where its concentration resides, it is where most people choose to utilize it. Swift may, however, be used for backend development if you so want. 

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Is Swift hard to learn?

Swift may be a little difficult to master at first if you are a beginner programmer. Swift shouldn't be too hard to learn, though, assuming you have previous programming expertise. In contrast to other languages like Objective-C, Swift is often thought of as being a reasonably simple language to learn. 

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Is Swift better than Python?

Swift is a simple to learn the language for beginners that is quicker and more effective. Additionally, it is better suited for creating iOS apps. However, Python is a flexible language that may be used to create a variety of applications. Additionally, it offers several libraries and frameworks that facilitate development. 

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Why Swift is faster?

Apple Inc. has developed a new language called Swift. It is said to be quicker than its forerunners, Objective C and C++. This is mostly because Swift was created with performance in mind from the first. It is quicker since an LLVM compiler is used. Additionally, compared to other languages, Swift code is less prone to mistakes. You may use Quizack's collection of Swift MCQs with answers for free.