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Spring Framework multiple choice questions List

Why do we use Spring Framework?

The Java platform's Spring framework is an inversion of a control container and an application framework. Any Java program may utilize the Spring Framework's fundamental functionality, however, there are extensions available for creating web applications on top of the Java EE platform. 

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What is Spring Framework give example?

A Java platform called the Spring Framework offers complete infrastructure support for creating reliable Java applications. So that developers may concentrate on their applications, Spring manages the infrastructure.

With the help of Spring, programmers may create enterprise-level apps utilizing a POJO-based programming style. With this strategy, less setup is required and unneeded boilerplate code is removed. Quizack is a fantastic resource center that offers the best Spring Framework multiple choice questions for you to study and practice. 

Is Spring an MVC framework?

The Spring Framework is not a pure MVC implementation. However, it provides a comprehensive toolset that helps developers build web applications using the MVC design pattern. 

TheSpring Framework provides several MVC-related components, including:

  • A DispatcherServlet dispatches requests to controllers.
  • A ViewResolver resolves views.
  • A LocaleResolver resolves locales.
  • A ThemeResolver resolves themes.

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Is Spring a backend or a frontend?

A backend framework is called Spring. It offers a thorough programming and configuration approach for creating Java applications. Spring gives programmers the ability to attach corporate services to "plain old Java objects" (POJOs) without modifying them to construct apps. 

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