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Solaris multiple choice questions List

How is Solaris used?

Solaris is a flexible operating system that may be used for a range of applications, including running servers and other enterprise-level hardware as well as serving as the basis for desktop and laptop computers. For all candidates and job seekers, Quizack is a platform that offers the greatest and most often asked Solaris MCQ questions and answers. 

Is Solaris still used?

Originally created by Sun Microsystems, Solaris is an operating system with a Unix foundation. Due to its reliability and security, Solaris is still utilized by numerous businesses, especially those in the financial and healthcare sectors. In addition, a broad variety of tools and applications are available for Solaris, making it an extremely flexible platform. 

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Is Solaris hard to understand?

No, understanding Solaris is not hard. In actuality, using Solaris is pretty simple if you are familiar with the fundamental ideas.

The Common Desktop Environment (CDE), a graphical user interface that is simple to use and navigate, serves as the foundation for Solaris' user interface. You ought to have no trouble using Solaris even if you have never used a computer before. 

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What are the advantage of using the Solaris OS?

A variety of benefits over other operating systems are provided by the Unix operating system Solaris. The fact that Solaris is extremely scalable and can manage massive volumes of data and traffic without experiencing any performance issues is one benefit. Additionally incredibly dependable, Solaris has built-in security safeguards that assist safeguard your data. 

Additionally, Solaris has a large selection of tools and programs that make it simple to maintain and administer your system. 

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Is Solaris free for personal use?

Originally created by Sun Microsystems, Solaris is a free and open source operating system. Oracle Corporation currently owns Solaris. You can use Solaris for business, academic, or private usage. The OpenSolaris project and the Oracle Solaris operating system are two separate iterations of the Solaris operating system. Oracle still supports and develops Solaris even if OpenSolaris is no longer being maintained. 

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