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SEO multiple choice questions List

What is search engine optimization?

SEO is the process of optimizing a website for Google and other search engines. It involves improving the site’s content, structure, and coding to make it as relevant and user-friendly as possible for search engine crawlers. Quizack provides the latest and the most important SEO mcq questions and answers for you to use and practice, so you will ace your exams easily. 

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a program that allows users to find info indexed by search engines on the internet. When you enter a query into a search engine, it returns a list of websites or website pages that it thinks to match your query.

What is a particular search engine?

A particular search engine is a software program that helps users find information on the internet. The most popular search engine is Google, which receives billions of searches every day.

What is a particular web page? 

There are many factors that contribute to how a particular web page ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs), and optimizing a page for search engines can be complex and time-consuming. 

What is a website's search engine saturation?

It is a measure of how well the site has been optimized for search engines. It is determined by the number of pages on the site that are indexed by search engines and the number of links to the site from other websites or websites pages. The higher the saturation, the more likely it is that a website will be found on search engine results pages.

What do you mean by the term indexed by the search?

Indexing is the process of adding new or updated web content to the search engine’s index, which is a database of all websites and their content. When someone performs a search, the search engine returns results from its index.

Difference between inbound links and outbound links:

Inbound link:

An Inbound link or Inbound links are links from other websites that point to a page on your website. Inbound links are also known as backlinks, and an inbound link is one of the most important factors that search engines use to rank websites. That concludes the inbound link.

Outbound links:

They are links from your website to other websites. They are an important part of SEO because they help to improve your website's authority and credibility. They also help to increase traffic to the websites you link to.

What are relevant keywords?

These keywords are those that are specific to your business and the products or services you offer. They are the terms that people will use when they are searching for what you offer on the internet. When you optimize your website for these keywords, you make it easier for potential customers to find you. 

What are meta keywords tag?

It is an HTML element that provides brief information about the content of a web page or web pages. It is not used by search engines to rank pages, but it can be used by browsers to help users find pages related to a specific topic.

What is a request page?

Request page is a web page that contains a form used to send data to a server. The most common type of this is a search engine results page (SERP), which displays the results of a user’s search.

What do you mean by websites indexed?

When you use a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, you are searching through a database of websites that have been "indexed." The search engine has visited these websites and gathered information about each page - the title, the content, and the keywords that are used on the page. So that concludes the websites indexed.

What is a meta description?

A meta description or meta description tags are the short summaries of a webpage that appears in search engine results. It is the text that tells users what a page is about and encourages them to click through.

What is a particular keyword?

A keyword is a word or phrase that you want your website to rank for in search engines. When someone searches for that keyword on Google, your website may appear as a result if you have implemented SEO best practices.

What do you mean by the term keyword density?

The term keyword density is used to describe how often a particular keyword or phrase is used on a web page. The higher the keyword density, the more likely it is that the page will rank well in search engine results in pages for that particular keyword or phrase. However, it's important to note that overuse of keywords can actually have a negative effect on your site's ranking. So appropriate keyword density is necessary.

What are page titles?

Page titles are the text that appears in the tab of a web browser and in the top of a web page. They are also used as the filename for a web page. They are important for search engine optimization (SEO) because they help search engines understand what a web page is about.

What are called link farms?

The collection of websites that are linked to each other solely for the purpose of increasing their search engine ranking is called link farms. Google has penalized websites for using link farms in the past, so it's important to avoid them if you want your website to rank high on search engines. Link farms are useful for large websites.

What is search marketing?

Search marketing is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can be achieved through techniques such as optimizing the website content, structure, and on-page elements like title tags and meta descriptions, as well as developing off-page SEO tactics like link building and social media engagement. By improving the visibility and ranking of a website, businesses can attract more visitors from organic search results, which can ultimately lead to more conversions and sales.

What is a google search box?

The Google search box is a text field on a web page that allows a user to type in a word or phrase and receive results from the Google search engine.

What are google trends?

Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total number of searches conducted on Google over time. The data are presented in graphical form, with a line graph showing the relative frequency of the search term over time. A bar chart shows the distribution of search results by volume.

What are natural links?

Natural links are links that are earned through the quality of your content and the relationships you build with other bloggers and website owners. These links are not bought or manipulated in any way, which is why they are called "natural." They are simply a result of being a great resource online and developing strong relationships with other bloggers and site owners.

What are authority websites?

An authority website is one that is considered an expert on a certain topic. These websites are often heavily relied on for information by other websites and are therefore given high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Authority websites typically have high-quality content, backlinks, and social media shares. 

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are pieces of HTML code that you can use to provide information about a web page. Meta tags are not displayed on the page, but are instead used by search engines to help determine the content of a page. There are a number of meta tags that you can use, including the title, description, and keywords tags.

What is a page description?

The page description is a brief, keyword-rich summary of the content on a web page. This text is used by search engines to help determine the relevance of a page to a specific search query.

What is generating cached files? 

Cache files are typically generated as a result of search engine optimization (SEO). By ensuring that your website content is well written and keyword rich, you can help to generate cache files that will be stored by the search engines. This can improve the visibility and ranking of your website, as well as provide a faster user experience for your visitors.

What is displaying static information?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, with over 80% of the worldwide market share. When you enter a query into the Google search bar, the engine will return a list of web pages that it believes to be the most relevant to your query.

What are some major search engines?

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the most popular search engines. They account for more than 90% of all searches.

What are pages template?

Pages templates are a way to control how pages are displayed on your website. You can use a pages template to set up different layouts for a different page or to create reusable components that you can insert into other pages.

What are paid ads?

Paid ads are the sponsored links that you see at the top and/or sides of a search engine results page. These ads are also known as “sponsored links” or “paid search.”  They’re the listings that you click on to get taken directly to a company’s website. They are typically marked with a small yellow or green box and the word “ad” next to the company name.

What are indexed pages?

When a person types in a keyword or phrase into a search engine, the engine will return a list of web pages that it believes to be the most relevant to that query. The pages that are displayed at the top of the results are known as the "indexed pages." 

What is search engine technology?

Search engine technology is a process that helps to improve the visibility and ranking of a website on search engines. It involves the use of various techniques to make a website more visible and relevant to users who are searching for specific terms or keywords. Quizack offers you the most crucial collection of SEO objective type questions and answers so you can easily get your required results in examinations or interviews. 

What is search engine optimum?

As the term suggests, it is the practice of optimizing a website for better search engine ranking. This means improving the visibility and ranking of your website on search engines results pages (SERPs).

What is Google PageRank?

Google Pagerank is a measure of the importance of a web page, as determined by Google. The rank is calculated using a combination of the number and quality of links to a page. The higher the rank, the more important the page is considered to be.

What are search engine spiders?

They are computer programs that "crawl" the Internet and index Web pages for use in search engines. They follow links from one page to another, downloading and analyzing the content of each page they visit. This process is often called "crawling" or "spidering."

What is site providing?

When it comes to website design, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects to consider. After all, if your website isn’t optimized for search engines, it will be difficult for people to find it. And if people can’t find your website, they won’t be able to visit it, which will likely result in lower website traffic and fewer customers.

What is link leads?

Links leads are the number of people who click on a link to your website from another site. This is a valuable metric to track because it can indicate how popular your website is and how many people are interested in what you have to offer. You can use this information to improve your website's SEO and attract more visitors.

What are FFA pages?

FFA, or free for all pages, are pages that contain a plethora of links to other websites with no real organization or structure. Because these pages have so many links, they can often rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can be beneficial for businesses. However, because FFA pages are not always credible or trustworthy, it is important to be careful when selecting links from these pages. Additionally, FFA pages can sometimes be penalized by search engines for their link structure, so it is important to ensure that your website's link profile is as clean as possible. By following the tips below, you can improve your website's SEO and rank higher in SERPs.

What are extension websites?

An extension website is a website that specializes in a particular topic or industry. For example, there are websites that focus exclusively on fashion, cars, travel, or home improvement.

What are search rankings?

Search engine rankings (SERP) are the order in which websites appear on a search engine results page (SERP). Search engines use algorithms to determine which websites are the most relevant to a user’s search. The higher a website ranks, the more likely it is that the website will be visited by a user.

What is the term keyword prominence refer?

The term keyword prominence refers to how high up on a web page a particular keyword is positioned. The higher up the keyword is, the more prominence it has. Generally, the most important keywords should be positioned at the beginning of the title tag, in the first sentence of the body copy, and in the H1 headline. However, there are a few other factors to consider when determining the prominence of keywords.

What is search relevancy?

Search relevancy is a measure of how well your content matches the keywords people are searching for. If your site includes content that is closely related to the keywords someone is typing into a search engine, your site is more likely to appear in the search results.

What are paid listings?

Paid listings are a form of advertising where businesses can pay to have their website appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Paid listings are also known as sponsored links, paid search results, or paid inclusion. They are different from organic search results, which are unpaid and displayed based on the relevancy of a website to a user's search query.

What are search algorithms?

These are the methods that search engines use to rank websites in their search results. The algorithms are secret, but we do know some of the factors that they take into account, including:

  • The number and quality of links to a website from other websites
  • The number of times a website is mentioned on the internet
  • The age of the website
  • The location of the website's servers

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