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MongoDB is a robust database system with lots of features and advantages. Quizack provides the top MongoDB MCQ questions, making it simple to get started with MongoDB. You can rapidly learn the fundamentals of MongoDB and how to utilize it efficiently with Quizack.

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What MongoDB is used for?

A potent document-oriented database system is MongoDB. Web applications and high-performance data management use it. Workloads involving OLTP (online transaction processing) are also compatible with MongoDB. The database system provides high availability, scalability, and flexibility. 

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Is MongoDB better than SQL?

With several benefits over conventional relational databases like MySQL, MongoDB is a potent document-oriented database system. MongoDB is more adaptable, simpler to use, and scales better to handle big data collection.

MongoDB is getting more and more well-liked for modern applications that need great performance and scalability, even if SQL databases are still frequently utilized. 

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What is difference between SQL and MongoDB?

MongoDB is a non-relational, or "NoSQL," database, whereas SQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS). In other words, MongoDB is built for storing and retrieving data in documents that resemble JSON, whereas SQL is intended for storing and retrieving data in a tabular manner.

MongoDB has certain benefits over SQL in terms of speed and scalability. MongoDB is intended to be extremely scalable, enabling it to effectively manage massive volumes of data. Additionally, MongoDB is frequently quicker than SQL thanks to its indexing and query optimization capabilities. 

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Is MongoDB a database?

MongoDB is a NoSQL document-oriented database designed to store large amounts of data. Since it does not employ the conventional relational database structure based on tables, it is referred to as a NoSQL database. Instead, it makes use of a JSON-like document format that makes data management more adaptable and scalable. 

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Which language is used in MongoDB?

The C++ programming language was used to create the document-oriented database system known as MongoDB. It is a cross-platform database that is free and open-source and supports many different languages, including English, Spanish, French, and others. 

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