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You can build scalable and effective online apps using the strong programming language Node.js. By offering you the top Node.js MCQ questions without charge, Quizack aids in your understanding of this subject. 

You may quickly and simply assess your language comprehension with our extensive selection of questions while also expanding it.

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What is NodeJS used for?

Apps requiring high performance and scalability, such as real-time applications, chat applications, gaming servers, etc., are developed using Node.js. By putting Quizack's most significant collection of Node js multiple choice questions and answers to use, you may also become a proficient user of it.

Is NodeJS or python better?

This topic cannot be answered simply since Node.js and Python both have advantages and disadvantages of their own. Which one is best for you truly depends on your individual requirements. Node.js can be a better choice if you want a quick, lightweight solution that is simple to scale. 

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Is NodeJS a programming language?

NodeJS is a platform that lets you build server-side applications and is based on JavaScript runtime. NodeJS has an event-driven, non-blocking I/O approach that makes it lightweight and effective even though it is not a programming language. 

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Is NodeJS easier than Java?

While Node.js is more popular for some applications, it is not always simpler than Java. Java is better suited for more CPU-intensive applications, whereas Node.js is ideally suited for constructing quick and scalable network applications. 

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Is Node.js hard to learn?

Given that your response will rely on your prior knowledge of and exposure to programming, this is a challenging topic to answer. However, if you have any knowledge of JavaScript, we can claim that learning Node.js is not extremely challenging. 

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