OOPS Concepts MCQ Questions Answers OOPS Concepts MCQ Questions Answers

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OOPS Concepts multiple choice questions List

What is OOP and its concept?

The programming paradigm known as "object-oriented programming," or simply "OOP," is based on the idea of objects. Data structures that house both data and methods make up these items. Using objects has the benefit of allowing for their reuse in other programs, which results in more efficient and modular code. 

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Why OOPs concept is used?

The solution to this issue is really straightforward: OOPs give the program a clear structure that makes it simple to comprehend, maintain, and alter. Additionally, OOPs have a number of advantages like data hiding and code reuse. Let's examine these ideas in greater detail. 

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Why OOPs is used in Java?

Java uses object-oriented programming because it makes it easier to build modular programs. Using the method of modular programming, programmers can divide a big, complicated program into smaller, easier-to-manage chunks. The code is now simpler to comprehend and maintain as a result. 

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What are the 5 concepts of OOPs?

The object-oriented programming paradigm is based on five fundamental ideas: abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, and interfaces. Together, these ideas form an effective framework for building software applications. 

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What is object in oops?

An object, which stands in for any entity with a state and behavior, is the fundamental building block of object-oriented programming (OOP). Both attributes and behaviors are representations of an object's state and activity, respectively. Quizack will provide a tonne of oops concepts mcq questions and answers quiz to all applicants.