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Mobile App Testing multiple choice questions List


What is mobile app testing?

Mobile app testing is the process of verifying that a mobile app works as expected and meets the requirements specified by the client or end-user. It involves checking that all features of the app work as intended, across all supported platforms and devices. Quizack is a platform that assembles a large amount of mobile testing multiple choice questions and answers for you to utilize and get your required results. 

What is a test automation tool or tools?

They are software tools that help you automate your testing process. They can help you speed up your testing process, and they can also help you ensure that your tests are reliable and accurate.

There are a variety of test automation tools available on the market, but the most popular ones are probably Selenium and HPQC. These tools allow you to write scripts that automate your tests, and they also allow you to run those scripts on multiple browsers and platforms. Quizack is a hub of knowledge that provides you with the most beneficial automation testing mcq questions and answers for all those students or job seekers who desire to pass the initial examination or interview. 

What are automated mobile testing tools?

There are a number of automated mobile testing tools on the market, which allow you to test your app on different devices and operating systems. These tools can be used to test the functionality and usability of your app, as well as its compatibility with different devices and operating systems.

Some automated mobile testing tools are given below:

  • Appium
  • Calabash
  • Frank
  • KIF

What is mobile device testing?

Mobile device testing or Mobile testing is the process of verifying that a mobile app or website works as expected on different types of mobile devices. This includes smartphones and tablets, as well as different versions of Android and iOS.

Mobile testing is the process of verifying that a mobile app or website functions as intended on different mobile devices. This type of testing can be done manually or with automated tools. It's important to test on a variety of devices since there is such a wide range of screen sizes and operating systems in use today.

What is mobile application testing?

Mobile application testing is the process of verifying that a mobile app works on mobile devices as expected and meets the requirements specified by the customer or end user.

It involves checking the app’s functionality, usability, performance, and security. All the candidates or job seekers may learn and practice from Quizack's mobile testing questions and answers in the form of mcq. 

What are the types of mobile application testing?

There are several test methods:

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing.

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What is an Android testing framework?

It is a set of tools that allow you to test your Android app. It includes a variety of different tools that allow you to test different aspects of your app. The framework allows you to test your app on different devices, and it also includes tools that allow you to test your app's performance and functionality. An Android testing framework is an essential tool for any Android developer.

How manual testing is performed?

It is a process of verifying the app's functionality by performing certain operations on the app. Testers use their hands and fingers to interact with the app screens and buttons to check whether they are working as expected. They also perform other operations, such as scrolling, zooming in and out, and moving between pages.

This type of testing is very time-consuming and requires a lot of skill. Testers need to be familiar with all the features of the app and how it works. They also need to be patient enough to test every possible scenario.

How to test CPU usage?

The first step is to identify the CPU usage monitoring tool. There are various options available in the market, such as System Monitor for Android and iOS, which can be used to measure CPU usage.

Once you have installed the CPU usage monitoring tool, launch it and set a baseline by testing the app under normal conditions. Next, test the app while performing some intensive tasks, such as playing a graphics-heavy game or streaming videos. Compare the results of both tests and note any discrepancies.

Finally, repeat the same tests on different devices and platforms to get a comprehensive overview of how the app performs. If there are any issues identified, take steps to address them before releasing the app to users.

What mobile testing process carries? 

The mobile app testing process is one of the most important aspects of the mobile app development life cycle. The process helps to ensure that the app is free of defects and meets the expectations of users. It also helps to identify and fix issues before the app is released to the public. If you desire to learn more about this subject then go for the Quizack where you will be assembled with the best crucial and the most latest manual testing mcq questions and answers in the mcq format. 

What do you mean by mobile automation testing?

Automation testing is the process of automating the testing of mobile apps. This involves using tools to automate the testing process, which can help you save time and ensure that your apps are tested thoroughly. Automated testing can be especially useful for regression testing, as it can help you identify any issues that may have been introduced since your last test run. All of the students or job aspirants may study Quizack's collection of mobile application testing interview questions so you will enhance your knowledge and boost your skills by practicing these questions. 

What is mobile security testing?

It is the process of identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in mobile applications. It is an essential step in ensuring the safety and privacy of users, as well as the security of corporate data.

The goal of this testing is to identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious actor. These vulnerabilities can include flaws in the code, insecure communications, and improper permissions.

The tester must have a deep understanding of mobile operating systems and how they work, as well as the various attack vectors that can be used to exploit these vulnerabilities. They must also be familiar with the latest threats and how to defend against them.

What are test case classes?

They are a way of grouping related test cases together. They can help you to keep track of your tests, and make it easier to run them. You can create these classes for different types of tests, or for different parts of your application. For example, you might have a class for testing your user interface, and one for testing your backend code.

What do mean by the term instrumentation test runner?

Instrumentation test runners are used to automate the running of tests on an Android device or emulator. They provide a convenient way to run your tests without having to manually launch and interact with an emulator or device. Additionally, instrumentation test runners can be used to report test results back to your development machine.

What is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is a process of verifying that the software works as expected after it has been changed or modified. It’s used to ensure that changes made to an application do not cause any unexpected behavior in the system. In other words, regression testing verifies that the new version of the software behaves like the old one.

What is the mobile application testing process?

The mobile app testing industry has been growing at a rapid pace in the recent past and it is expected to grow even more in the near future. The growth of this sector can be attributed to the fact that there are many companies that have started developing their own apps for different platforms like Android, iOS, etc. This has created an opportunity for people to get involved with mobile app development services. Mobile app development requires a lot of time and effort from both the client as well as the developer. Hence, it is important that the client gets the most out of his/her investment by ensuring that the app meets all the requirements. These tests help in validating whether or not the app is working properly on various devices. There are two types of testing: manual testing and automated testing. Manual testing involves testers going through each step of the app manually while automated testing uses software to test the app.

What is mock data?

The term ‘mock’ in the context of mobile app testing refers to a set of fake data that can be used during the test phase for various purposes. It helps you to simulate real-world conditions and scenarios, which are otherwise not possible. Mock data can be used as an alternative to real-world data, or it can be used along with real-world data to create more realistic tests.

What is cloud based mobile testing?

Cloud-based mobile testing is a type of software testing that uses cloud computing technology to test mobile apps. This approach enables testers to access and test mobile apps from anywhere in the world. By using the cloud, testers can also reduce the time it takes to test mobile apps.

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