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Virtual Storage multiple choice questions List

What is virtual storage example?

The abstraction of real storage devices is referred to as virtual storage. A single physical storage device can be converted into many "virtual" storage devices using virtual storage, or several physical storage devices can be integrated into a single virtual device.

For instance, a SAN may seem to each server that is linked to it as a collection of virtual drives. The operating system and programs running on the server would then see these virtual discs as if they were physical discs physically connected to the server.

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What is virtual storage used for?

Files, programs, and data can all be stored on virtual storage, among other things. It may be used to store anything that would typically be kept on a hard disc or SSD, for example. Because it may offer a means of remotely storing data and files, virtual storage is frequently utilized in cloud computing. Quizack is the perfect tool for anybody looking to broaden their knowledge and enhance their skill set. We provide you with the most crucial Virtual Storage MCQs with answers, so you can test your knowledge by practicing them. 
Is cloud a virtual storage?

A virtual storage choice with numerous advantages is the cloud. It is affordable and accessible from anywhere. You may modify your storage as necessary because the cloud is expandable. The cloud is also trustworthy and safe. 

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What is virtual storage in computer?

Virtual storage is a storage technique that allows data to be stored in a location that is not physically attached to the computer. This can be done by using a variety of methods, including:

  • Using network-attached storage (NAS) device.
  • Using a storage area network (SAN).
  • Using a cloud storage service.

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What are the types of virtual storage?
There are three types of virtual storage:

  • Virtual memory: This type of storage is created when a computer's operating system sets aside a portion of the physical memory (RAM) for temporary storage.
  • Virtual disk: A virtual disk is a file that stores data on a computer's hard drive. It acts like a physical disk but does not have a physical presence.
  • Virtual machine: A virtual machine is an emulation of a physical computer system. It allows multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine. 

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