React.js MCQ Questions Answers

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React.js multiple choice questions List

What is ReactJS used for?

ReactJS is a JavaScript package that aids in the development of reusable components and user interfaces. Facebook, Instagram, and other significant websites all make use of it. Large online apps that may modify data without refreshing the page can be made possible by developers using ReactJS. It uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which gives it an advantage over other JavaScript frameworks in terms of efficiency. 

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Is ReactJS frontend or backend?

A front-end JavaScript library is called ReactJS. It is employed in the development of web applications and user interfaces. Although not technically necessary, ReactJS functions nicely with a backend language like Node.js.

A declarative, effective, and adaptable JavaScript library for creating user interfaces is ReactJS. To make your code simple to understand and maintain, it enables you to design reusable components.

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Is ReactJS better than HTML?

Technology-wise, HTML and ReactJS are pretty dissimilar. ReactJS is a JavaScript toolkit used for designing user interfaces and reusable components, whereas HTML is a markup language used for organizing and displaying material on the web. 

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Is React easy to learn?

Given that it depends on your degree of programming expertise and understanding, this is a challenging topic to answer. React might not be the greatest pick for your first framework if you are new to programming. React, however, can be a fantastic option for you if you have some programming expertise and are seeking a strong and well-liked framework to learn. 

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Why ReactJS is so popular?

A JavaScript package called ReactJS enables programmers to design websites and user interfaces. Facebook built it, and they still keep up with it. ReactJS is well-liked because, in comparison to other frameworks and libraries, it makes building websites and user interfaces easier. It also makes use of JavaScript, the most widely used programming language. 

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