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What is meant by RESTful services?
Web services that adhere to the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture are known as RESTful services. Web services may be accessed online thanks to the REST style of program design. Visit Quizack to learn more about this subject. There, you can test your knowledge by working through our extensive library of crucial RESTful Services multiple choice questions and answers.   
What makes a RESTful service?
Although there isn't a clear solution to this, the majority of RESTful services have a few things in common. A RESTful service is first and foremost an API that uses the HTTP protocol to provide data and capabilities over the web. This implies that a RESTful service may be contacted by any client that can submit HTTP requests. 

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What is the difference between a REST API and RESTful web services?
RESTful web services are a particular implementation of REST API, which is an architectural approach for creating online services. The primary distinction between the two is that a REST API just specifies the framework for component interactions, but a RESTful web service actually puts that structure into practice. Through a large collection of RESTful services MCQ questions and answers provided by Quizack, all candidates and job seekers may learn and study. 
Is RESTful a microservice?
Although there is no clear definition of a microservice, RESTful services are frequently considered to be a subset of them. Microservices are frequently brief, standalone services that interact with one another to construct an entire application. Because they are frequently compact and self-contained, RESTful services might be regarded as a subset of microservices.
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