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Red Hat Linux multiple choice questions List

Who uses Red Hat Linux?
Red Hat Linux is used by businesses of all kinds for a number of reasons, including its reliability, security, and adaptability. Red Hat Linux is used by some of the biggest companies in the world, like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, to operate their mission-critical applications.

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Why do people use Linux?
Numerous factors contribute to the usage of Linux. Because it is open-source software and allows for code viewing and modification, some individuals prefer it. Some people consider it to be more secure and reliable than other operating systems. 

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What is Red Hat Linux used for?
A strong, adaptable operating system that may be utilized for a range of tasks is Red Hat Linux. Running web servers is one of Red Hat Linux's most well-liked applications. Red Hat Linux supports Apache, the most widely used web server application on the planet. 

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Is Red Hat Linux still used?
Yes, a lot of people still use Red Hat Linux. It is a dependable and strong operating system that can be applied to many different situations. It may not be as popular as it once was, but many people still find it to be a highly popular option. You may test your knowledge by practicing our most crucial Red Hat Linux MCQs, which will assist you in learning more about the subject. Quizack has also a free trial of red hat Linux multiple choice questions quiz for all the candidates or job seekers.
Is Red Hat Linux OS free?
Yes, the operating system Red Hat Linux is free and open-source. It is available for free download from the Internet and may be used without purchasing a license. However, you will need to buy a subscription if you want Red Hat assistance. 

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