RDF-Resource Description Framework MCQ Questions Answers RDF-Resource Description Framework MCQ Questions Answers

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RDF-Resource Description Framework multiple choice questions List

What is Resource Description Framework RDF and illustrate schema?

A common model for data exchange on the Web is RDF. Even though the underlying schemas are different, RDF contains capabilities that make it easier to merge data, and it specifically addresses the needs of digital libraries for resource description, such as content-based searching on metadata. 

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What are three types of RDF?

RDF is a standard model for data interchange on the Web. RDF has three basic concepts:

  • Resources are things that can be named and described. 
  • Properties are attributes that describe resources. 
  • Statements are assertions about resources and their properties.

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Is RDF a database?

RDF can be used to store data in databases even if it is not a database itself. A standard for presenting data on the Internet is RDF. RDF defines attributes and values using XML and uses URIs to identify resources.

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Is RDF a semantic framework?

Because RDF is a semantic framework, it makes it possible for computers to read and comprehend online content. It accomplishes this by giving data a structure that computers can understand. By enabling computers to connect disparate pieces of data, this structure makes it feasible to extrapolate new inferences from the data. 

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