JSP And Servlets MCQ Questions Answers JSP And Servlets MCQ Questions Answers

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JSP And Servlets multiple choice questions List

Are JSP and servlet the same?
No, JSP (JavaServer Pages) and servlet are not the same. Using HTML, XML, or even other document formats as a system-based, JSP is software that aids software developers in creating dynamically produced web pages. Servlets are Java programs that run on a web server and enable a server to interact with a client request. 

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Can we use servlet and JSP together?
Yes, servlets and JSPs can be used together. They are often used together to create dynamic web applications. Servlets handle the business logic in an application, while JSPs are responsible for the presentation layer. Together, they can provide a complete solution for creating dynamic web applications. 

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Does a JSP need a servlet?
No, a JSP page can be used without a servlet. However, using servlets gives the developer more control over the application. Servlets can perform tasks such as maintaining session information and providing security for the application. In addition, servlets allow developers to create applications that are portable across different web servers easily. Quizack gives you a chance to increase your learning skills and build knowledge with the utmost collection of JSP servlet multiple choice questions answers.
What is the difference between JSP and servlet in Java Web application?
JSP (Java Server Page) is a technology that helps software developers create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML or other document types. Servlets are Java programs that run on a web server and process requests from clients. Both JSP and servlet are used to create web applications. If you are taking a keen interest in these topics and want to enhance your knowledge then Quizack is a good and best platform for you where you can take a free practice of JSP Servlet MCQ.
Why JSP is used in Java?
Software developers may produce dynamically generated websites largely dependent on HTML, XML, or other document types with the aid of JavaServer Pages (JSP), a technology. JSP is used to serve as a "glue" code between web applications and back-end systems such as databases and enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) components. If any of the students want to practice JSP and servlet MCQ then Quizack is a great resource for giving preparation for your required topic.