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Mastering Quizack's broad array of Hotel Administration MCQs is one approach to improving your grasp of hotel administration. You may test your knowledge on a range of hotel administration-related topics with these MCQ drills. You might gain better knowledge of the ideas and guidelines involved in operating a hotel by taking these MCQs. 

Furthermore, you may pinpoint areas where you need to remain focused on your study in order to boost your overall performance by using Quizack's Hotel Administration MCQ questions.

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What is hotel administration Meaning?

The daily management of a hotel's operations is known as hotel administration. It entails duties including recruiting and training personnel, managing money, responding to inquiries and complaints from guests, and making sure the hotel works smoothly and effectively. 

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Is hotel management and hotel administration same?

Hotel administration and management are not the same things. Hotel administration, or the business side of operating a hotel, includes areas like finance, marketing, and human resources. Hotel management is the act of supervising a hotel's operations. 

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What kind of degree is hotel management?

A four-year undergraduate degree in hotel management equips students for positions in the hospitality sector. Business, accounting, marketing, human resources, and industry-specific courses are frequently offered as part of the degree program. 

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What does hospitality administration and management do?

The study of the hospitality sector is known as hospitality management. A wide range of topics is covered by hospitality administration and management, including hotel management, restaurant management, event organizing, tourism, and more. 

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