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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) MCQ Questions Answers

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) multiple choice questions List

What is the purpose of projects in Google Cloud Platform?

Projects can be used to organize relevant resources in the Google Cloud Platform. For instance, if you have several billing accounts for different departments in your company, you can create a project for each department that contains all the needed resources for that specific department. Each project has its own unique set of Compute Engine VM instances, Cloud Storage buckets, and so on. Projects also enable you to manage resources with granularity by defining access controls for compute resources in a particular project.

Is AWS better than Google Cloud?

It depends on your personal needs and preferences. They both offer a fairly extensive list of services and products. I would highly encourage you to spend some time researching these companies and what they offer before making a decision since this can affect how smoothly projects go for you and your team.
What we will be doing is going through a brief feature comparison while also going over each companies pros and cons.

So to get started, let's take a look at the Google Cloud Platform differences from AWS:

Google Cloud's free trial is 30 days - compared to AWS's 14-day free trial.
Google has a mix of region-specific and global regions - AWS  has more global regions.

Google is a little cheaper but has a metered billing system where you can get slammed with high charges for going over budget without warning. Whereas AWS lets you set your budget, so if you go over it will email to warn you before any damages are done.

Is Google Cloud Platform really free?

It is 100% free for the first year, which you should use to test all your applications. If you are not happy with it after one year, don't pay anything ;)

What is included in the Google Cloud Platform?

Put simply, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a range of cloud computing services and solutions. GCP works to make your data center or on-premises infrastructure as efficient and flexible as possible, which allows you to focus more on your business and less on IT operations.

Google's cloud offering is ever-evolving. As the company continues to investigate new ways to help people better use their data centers, its cloud computing platform automatically evolves with it.

GCP's virtual machine offerings are one of the most important aspects of this platform because they allow users to interface with Google's data centers in a very familiar way.

Currently, GCP offers three different virtual machines (VM) offerings. Two of these VMs are IaaS options, and the third is a PaaS offering that allows developers to use Google's cloud platform without having to work with any infrastructure whatsoever.

What is Google Cloud Platform good for?

Google Cloud Platform has, in the last few years, emerged as a great cloud platform to host your web apps. It features an auto-scaling feature that automatically adjusts the amount of server capacity depending on the current demand. The same goes for the pricing - it is highly dependent upon how much you use and can switch at any point between hourly rate, monthly bill, or yearly supplier, depending on your needs. Google Cloud Platform also offers a number of SDKs that are used to access the services directly from the cloud, along with supporting large data sets.

What is Google's secret?

They have many years of experience running their own infrastructure and know what you want. Now they are offering it to you too.
Google Cloud Platform is a great option for your web app because it allows you to start with a low price and add resources as you need them. Also, Google's infrastructure is very reliable and backed by years of experience running their own stuff (like Gmail).

Now they are offering it to everyone else too. Another benefit - anyone can get started with Google infrastructure in the comfort of your own home or office! If you're not afraid of some minor pitfalls related to billing, then go ahead and try Google Cloud Platform. It's free for one year (and we all know how easy it is to forget about that yearly payment). All you need to do is register and download the SDK

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a service that provides individuals and organizations with online data storage. It allows users to store, upload, download, and share files from virtually anywhere using a web browser or mobile phone. Cloud Storage allows the user to access their information on any computer (or another electronic device) without having to save copies of your files everywhere you go.

Google Cloud Storage:

Google™ Cloud Storage is a RESTful storage service providing scalable, efficient, and inexpensive data storage.

Google Cloud Storage provides simple yet powerful access to archives of virtually unlimited size allowing users to store an object in it once with the guarantee it will be accessible in the future. by storing only its unique identifier (UUID) which can be used to retrieve the object later, it frees the user from being responsible for physically storing and handling limitations that are common to hardware storage devices. Google provides top-notch cloud functions in its service platform.

What are physical data centers?

A physical data center, in computing, is an area within a building where computer servers are located. Data centers house all of the equipment for storing and processing information.

A physical data center or computer room is a room or complex which houses computer server equipment. The space needs to be stable, secure, and have controlled access to protect sensitive equipment from natural disasters and theft.

What is Google Kubernetes Engine?

Google Kubernetes Engine is a managed environment for deploying containerized applications.

In the public cloud, Google Cloud Platform is competing with Amazon Elastic Container Service and Microsoft Azure Container Service. In the private data center, Google Container Engine competes with Red Hat OpenShift and CoreOS Tectonic.

What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine (GAE) is a cloud computing service for web applications hosted on Google servers. It provides all of the required parts of the software stack and manages scaling and load balancing. This frees developers from worrying about setting up servers, hardware, or network infrastructure.  Google has the best service infrastructure so it can provide the best solution.

What is Cloud Computing Service?

The cloud is the next step of the internet. The internet started as a way for scientists to talk and share information, then it evolved into email and search engines. Cloud computing is another evolution of technology that allows companies to host their own data on remote servers instead of using their own computer systems and storing it in-house.

What is a Cloud computing provider?

A cloud provider is a web-based hosting service specially designed for enterprise organizations.

What is Google Compute Engine?

Google Compute Engine (GCE) is a product that allows users to provision virtual machines and provides access to Google-managed underlying infrastructure components, such as networking, storage, and computing resources. The GCE can be used in conjunction with Google Container Engine or Kubernetes for container cluster management.

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