CISCO MCQ Questions Answers CISCO MCQ Questions Answers

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CISCO multiple choice questions List

What does Cisco do exactly?
Cisco Systems is an IT and network security company with a focus on switches, routers, cybersecurity, and IoT. Its logo can be seen on virtually every teleconference or business phone. 

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Is Cisco good for freshers?
For job prospects who are interested in networking and technology development, Ciscos is a terrific platform. In addition, freshmen who possess strong linguistic and professional skills as well as the flexibility to work any shift are eligible for the program.

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Why is Cisco best place to work?
Cisco employees are proud of their company's executives, the brand, the products, and their socially positive contributions. They are motivated by the culture and its tenets, including WeAreCisco, the inclusion of a wide range of characteristics, and the employee value statement "People Deal." They like autonomy and responsibility at work. 

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What programming language does Cisco use?
Java is used often as a plugin or embeddable language in Cisco products (such as UCCX or CVP) that accept plugins or embedded code, including the majority of the company's UC applications. For low-level call control, there is also the Java-based JTAPI package available. All the students or job seekers can practice the latest and the most crucial Cisco MCQs with answers available on the Quizack. And also provides you with an essential variety of cisco mcq questions and answers pdf for excellent preparation.