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What is VB.NET used for?

As a flexible language, VB.NET may be applied to a wide range of applications. These include creating websites, creating software, and even creating mobile applications. Even though it is not as well-known as some other languages, developers are nevertheless familiar with it. 

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Is VB.NET the same as C#?

No, VB.NET and C# are not the same. They are two distinct languages that serve various functions. VB.NET is simpler to learn and use, while C# is a more robust and adaptable language. 

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Is VB.NET easy to learn?

From a visual standpoint, VB.NET may look similar to classic Visual Basic (VB), but the two languages are actually quite different. VB.NET is an object-oriented language, whereas classic VB is not. As a result, you must be well-versed in the fundamentals of object-oriented programming in order to utilize VB.NET effectively. The ideal language for you to learn first may not be VB.NET if you are unfamiliar with these ideas. However, VB.NET may be a very effective tool if you're ready to make the extra effort to grasp these ideas. 

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Is VB.NET free?

The VB.NET programming language is open source, therefore yes. There are no fees associated with using it or sharing VB.NET-created software. VB.NET may even be used to make for-profit software solutions. The development environment used to produce VB.NET applications, Visual Studio, must be licensed in order for you to share your programs with other people. Quizack offers VB.NET MCQs with answers, which are available free of charge to all job applicants. 
What is difference between VB.NET and ASP NET?

Microsoft created and markets ASP.NET, an online application framework used to create dynamic webpages, web apps, and web services.

Strong typing, declarative, imperative, functional, and component-oriented programming paradigms are all included in the multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming language known as VB.NET. 

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