Selenium Automation MCQ Questions Answers

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Selenium Automation multiple choice questions List

What is Selenium automation?

Software testing framework Selenium enables automated testing of web-based applications. It is an open-source initiative that offers a platform for web application testing that is automated. Selenium may be used to test web applications across many platforms, browsers, and operating systems. 

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Why Selenium is used for automation?

Selenium is a tool that may be used to automate web applications for testing. Regression testing on the web is another use for it. We may automate browser operations with Selenium to make sure the application is operating as intended. 

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Is Selenium automation easy?

Given that your degree of skill and experience with automated testing will determine your response, this is a challenging topic to answer. Selenium automation may appear pretty intimidating if you are new to automated testing. 

However, Selenium automation might not be as challenging as you initially believe if you have any expertise with automated testing. Selenium automation, in general, is a strong technology that may assist you in automating the testing of web applications. 

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Which language is best for Selenium?

Which language is better for Selenium is a question that has no clear solution. Each has benefits and drawbacks of its own. You could discover that a particular language is more suited for Selenium than another depending on your requirements and preferences. 

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Does Selenium automation require coding?

No, Selenium automation does not require coding. However, some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS may be required to create automated tests. Additionally, many Selenium users find it helpful to have at least a basic understanding of programming languages such as Java or Python. 

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What is the advantage of Selenium?

Selenium has many advantages, including the ability to support multiple browsers, platforms, and languages. Additionally, Selenium is open source and free to use. This makes it a popular choice for organizations looking for a cost-effective solution for their automation needs. 

Selenium also has a large and active community of users who can provide support and assistance when needed. Finally, Selenium integrates well with other testing tools and frameworks, making it easy to create comprehensive test suites. 

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