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PayPal-Development multiple choice questions List

What is PayPal built with?
The technology used by PayPal to run their business is fantastic. Their mobile applications are created using Objective-C, while their main website is created using Java. Additionally, they employ a wide range of databases, such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra. For their large data requirements, PayPal also employs Hadoop.

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How do I become a PayPal developer?
You must register for a PayPal Developer account to become a PayPal developer. After doing so, you will have access to the PayPal Developer Portal, where you will discover all the information and resources you require to begin building with PayPal. With the help of Quizack's huge library of PayPal-Development multiple choice questions, you can quickly learn about this development. 
What does the PayPal API allow developers to do?
Developers may initiate and manage payments, carry out transactions, and resolve consumer complaints using the PayPal API. Additionally, it offers a method of consumer payment collection, which is crucial for companies that sell goods or services online. You should first practice our free lesson on PayPal-Development multiple choice questions and answers if you want to handle and produce such payments to improve your skill level and understanding.
What is PayPal sandbox?
The PayPal sandbox is a virtual testing space that replicates the real PayPal environment. You may use it to test your PayPal integration without using actual money or connecting to the live PayPal network. 
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