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Data Warehousing multiple choice questions List

What is Data Warehousing with example?
Data warehousing combines information and data gathered from numerous sources into a single, comprehensive database. An organization's step systems, email lists, webpage, and customer feedback, for example, may all contribute information about customers to a data warehouse. All candidates who wish to ace their exams or any interviews should approach Quizack, which offers the most comprehensive collection of Data Warehousing MCQs.
What is Data Warehousing in SQL?
The data that is gathered from a server that serves as a data collection target is stored in a relational database called the management data warehouse. The reports for the System Data collection sets are generated using this data, and specialized reports can also be made using it. 

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Why is Data warehouse used?
Data analytics, which involves analyzing large amounts of information to identify linkages and patterns across the data, is a specialty of a data warehouse. When storing transactional details or other data, a database is utilized to collect and store the information. 

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What is difference between Database and Data Warehousing?
Any grouping of data that has been arranged for storing, accessing, and recovering is referred to as a database. In a data warehouse, copies of transaction data from several source systems are combined and made available for analytical use. 

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What is Data Warehouse concepts?
A relational database called a data warehouse is built for queries and analyses instead of banking transactions. It often provides historical knowledge gained from transaction data, although information from other sources is also possible. 

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