DB2 Administration MCQ Questions Answers DB2 Administration MCQ Questions Answers

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DB2 Administration multiple choice questions List

What is Db2 database administrator?

The maintenance and management of databases fall within the purview of a database administrator (DBA). Installing and maintaining the database software, setting up and managing user accounts, backing up and restoring data, and keeping an eye on the database's performance are all tasks that a DBA could be responsible for. 

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What are the five main functions of database administrator?

The five main functions of a database administrator are:

  • Data definition.
  • Data manipulation.
  • Data security.
  • Backup and recovery.
  • Performance tuning.

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Why is Db2 still used?

There are still many applications for Db2 nowadays. It is a very reliable database management solution, to start. It has a long history and a successful track record. It is also incredibly scalable, second. It excels at managing enormous volumes of data and transactions. Third, using it is quite simple. Compared to other database management systems, many users believe them to be simpler to use. And lastly, it is quite inexpensive. Db2 typically costs less than alternative database management systems. 

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Is Db2 widely used?

Db2 is utilized extensively in the sector, yes. It is one of the most well-liked database management systems (DBMS), and many significant businesses utilize it.

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What does a SQL database administrator do?

The entire management of the database management system is the responsibility of the SQL database administrator (DBA) (DBMS). The DBA is responsible for making sure the DBMS is correctly installed, configured, and operating smoothly and effectively. 

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