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CSS 3 multiple choice questions List

Is CSS3 a programming language?

It is not a programming language. CSS3 is a markup language pre-owned with HTML to manufacture the user interface of a website. It is only used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. You can also work on it but first, you should have to prepare it. So, Quizack has the best aid of CSS3 MCQ questions and answers. You can practice them to pass the tests and upgrade your knowledge. 

What is CSS3 used for?

CSS3 stands for Cascading Style Sheet level 3, which is the latest or advanced version of CSS. It is specially used for structuring, formatting web pages, and styling. One of the greatest tools for providing you with comprehensive assistance with CSS mcqs with answers for your activities and exams is Quizack. 

What are the features of CSS3?

CSS3 includes some new features, like rounded corners, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA colors, new CSS3 selectors, box shadows, box-sizing, Opacity, CSS3 Gradients, transitions, transformations, animations, multi-column layout, embedded fonts, and Responsive web design. You can practice CSS3 MCQ questions given on Quizack. This improves your skills and makes you a professional in it. 

What is the difference between CSS and CSS3?

CSS3 has modules while CSS has not, this is the main difference between them. CSS is the basic version of the language, and it does not support reactive or sensitive designs. While CSS3 on the other hand is the latest version and supports responsive designs. 

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What is new in CSS3 and HTML5?

CSS or CSS3 can be used in HTML5 videos to style the video tag. You can change the opacity, gradients, border, transitions, reflections, animations, and even transformation. So if you are interested in getting some knowledge about CSS3 then go for it. Quizack has the most important CSS3 language MCQs and also provides the best css3 mcq questions and answers quiz for your preparation and for the growth of your ability.