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What is Core Java used for? 
A general-purpose app may be developed using this feature of the Java programming language. Its main goal is to develop such universal applications. The Java Standard Edition, or J2SE, is known as the Core Java. It mostly introduces object-oriented programming concepts (OOP). Linkage, flexibility, isolation, and generalization act just like their fundamental principles.

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Is Core Java basic Java?
The development and operation behind Java-like variables, data types, arrays, OOPS, etc. are known as core Java. Here, you can see an overview of all the fundamental Java concepts. To establish common Java applications, you usually need the Java SE version, which typically includes Core Java. 

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Is Core Java the same as advanced Java?
Core For the purpose of constructing or designing a general-purpose application, Core Java is the portion of the Java programming language. A branch of the Java programming language, Advanced Java generally works with internet applications like websites and mobile apps. 

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What should I learn first Java or Core Java?
Start by learning Core Java (Java SE) as much as you can. Fundamental ideas like loops, arrays, operators, and many more should be relevant to you. Java SE also comprises a number of general-purpose APIs, including java, lang,, and java. Therefore, you need first practice and study Core Java. Quizack provides you with a range of Core Java programming multiple-choice questions and answers from which you may enhance your knowledge of programming.