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What is Computer Networking?
Computer networking is the term for a network of connected computers that may continue and share resources. These network devices communicate data through wireless or physical technologies using a set of guidelines known as communications standards. 

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What are the basic types of Computer Networking?
Quizack is the best platform to find computer networking MCQ online test. There are two basic types of computer networking. Local-area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks are two fundamental types of networks (WANs). Through networks that carry data quickly, LANs join computers and peripheral devices in a constrained physical space, such as a corporate office, lab, or college campus.

Over wider geographic areas, including entire continents, WANs link computers and smaller networks to bigger networks. They may employ cables, optical fibers, or satellites to connect the computers, although most of their users connect to the networks via a modem. 

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Why is Computer Networking important?
It should be quite clear to anyone who owns a business how important computer networking is. Simply said, networking affects everything, including tools for backup and recovery, team communications, and the storage of important information. 

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What are Computer Networking skills?
Working with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems are fundamental skills acquired while pursuing a career in computer networking. Understanding how computers function, building computer systems, installing computer components, and updating systems via protocol are all valuable abilities. 

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Why Computer Networking is important in business?
Professionals utilize networking to grow the number of people they know, learn about career prospects, and stay up to date on news and trends in their industries. Networking allows company owners to build connections with people and organizations they could collaborate with in the future. 

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