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C Programming multiple choice questions List

What is C Programming Language or C Language?

C programming language or C Language is a powerful general-purpose language that enables you to control the behavior of your computer. It gives you the ability to create programs that run quickly and efficiently. C is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and it has been around for more than 40 years. Many software programs are written in C, including popular programs like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Firefox. A program that is written in C language is called C Program. Quizack provides you with the best variety of C language MCQ questions for the excellent preparation for your upcoming examinations. 

Who was Ken Thompson?

Ken Thompson was born in New York City on December 4, 1943. He is best known as the co-inventor of the UNIX operating system and the C programming language. Quizack is great hub of knowledge that contains a huge amount of C and C++ programming MCQ multiple-choice questions for all the job applicants or students. 

What do you know about Bell Laboratories?

Bell Laboratories is a research and development company that was originally founded in the early 20th century. The company has played a significant role in the development of various technologies, including the transistor, the laser, and Unix. Bell Laboratories also developed the C programming language, which is still used today. All the job aspirants or candidates may study 100 multiple choice questions in C programming with answers available on the Quizack. this will help you to pass any exam or interview.

Programming Language:

A programming language is a notation for writing instructions for a computer. A programming language is precise and unambiguous, meaning that a computer can understand exactly what you want it to do. Quizack is a great hub for learning multiple choice questions on C programming with answers. this practice is free of cost, so if any of the candidates desire to increase their knowledge about C, stay with Quizack.

What is a Header File?

Header files are used to declare functions and variables that are shared between source files. By including a header file in your source code, you can ensure that your program is consistent and that you don't have to redeclare functions or variables unnecessarily.

What is a code snippet?

A code snippet is a small piece of code, usually one or a few lines, which you can use to solve a problem or achieve a desired effect. Code snippets are often stored in text files, but they can also be embedded in web pages or programming languages.

The code snippet can be found online, or you can create your own. When using someone else's code snippet, be sure to read and understand the code fully before using it in your own project.

Creating your own code snippet can be a great way to speed up your work, especially if you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. To create a snippet, simply type the code into a text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit, and save it with a .snippet extension. When you need to use the snippet, just open the file and copy and paste the code into your project.

When Compilation Error occurs?

A compilation error is an error that occurs when a compiler tries to translate a program into machine code. The most common type of compilation error is a syntax error, which occurs when the programmer makes a mistake in the language's syntax. Other types of errors include runtime errors, which occur when the program is running, and semantic errors, which occur when the program does not do what the programmer intended it to do. Compilation error is usually quite easy to fix, provided the programmer knows where to look for it.

What is const int used for?

Constants are a way of defining unchanging values in your code. In C, you can define a constant as either an int, float, or char. Once you have defined a constant, you can't change its value. This is useful for things like the number pi (3.14159...) or other values that you don't want to change throughout your code.

What is int main used for?

The int main() function is the entry point for a C program. This function is where your program begins execution.

What is an integer pointer?

It is a data type that refers to an integer location in memory. It is a special type of pointer that can only point to integers. Integer pointers are useful for working with arrays of integers because they allow you to access the individual elements of the array more efficiently.

When does a Runtime Error occur?

A runtime error is an error that occurs while the program is running. This type of error can be caused by incorrect code, incorrect input, or other problems. Some common runtime errors include divide by zero errors, syntax errors, and out-of-memory errors. Runtime errors can cause the program to crash or produce unexpected results. It is important to correct runtime errors as soon as possible to avoid any negative consequences.

What is function overloading?

Function overloading is the ability to create multiple functions with the same name, but with different parameter lists. This allows you to perform a particular operation, such as addition or multiplication, on different data types by using the same function name. For example, you could create a function called add that takes two ints as parameters and another function called add that takes two doubles as parameters.

What is the basic data type?

There are five basic data types in C programming: int, char, float, double, and bool. Each one has a specific purpose and can be helpful when you're coding. For example, int is used for integers, while char is typically used for characters. Knowing the different data types and when to use them will help you write more efficient code. You may practice Quizack's most beneficial collection of C and C++ language MCQ questions and answers to polish your knowledge about these languages. 

What are data structures?

A data structure is a collection of data values, typically organized in a specific way, and accessed by one or more computer programs. These structures are used to represent information in computer memory, and to store and manipulate that information. Common structures include arrays, queues, stacks, linked lists, trees, hash tables, and graphs. Each data structure has specific advantages and disadvantages, which make it more or less suitable for a given task. If you are willing to learn and practice questions on these languages then visit Quizack from which you can get the most important C language MCQ questions and answers.

What is the UNIX operating system?

Unix operating system is an operating system that was first developed in the early 1970s at Bell Labs. It was designed to be a multi-user, time-sharing system that could run on inexpensive hardware. Unix operating system has remained popular over the years and is now used in a wide variety of applications.

What is b language?

B language is a computer language that was derived from the assembly language. It is used to program computers and to create software. B language is a low-level programming language, which means that it provides access to the specific instructions that a computer uses to carry out tasks. This makes it possible to control every aspect of how a program functions.

What does int len do?

len returns the length of a string, which is the number of characters in the string. It can be used to determine the size of a buffer that is needed to store a string. For example, if you want to store a user's name, you would need to know how many characters are in the user's name so that you can allocate enough space for it.

Define some common c functions?

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C programming provides a number of built-in functions that you can use in your programs. Some of these are listed here:

  • printf() – Prints text to the screen

  • scanf() – Reads input from the keyboard

  • strlen() – Returns the length of a string

  • strcpy() – Copies one string to another

  • strcat() – Appends one string to another

  • atoi() – Converts a string to an integer

  • atof() – Converts a string to a floating-point number

What is the macro definition?

A macro is a type of function that is used to create a new symbol. This new symbol can be used to represent a value or a set of code. Macro definitions are often used to make code easier to read and understand. They can also help to improve performance by reducing the number of times that a particular sequence of code needs to be repeated.

Why while loop is used?

A while loop is a programming construct that allows you to repeat a certain set of code multiple times. The while loop will continue to execute the code inside it as long as the condition specified is true. Once the condition becomes false, the while loop will terminate. This makes it a handy tool for performing tasks such as checking a condition over and over again or repeating a set of instructions until a certain condition is met. You can study more about this language through Quizack's best collection of C MCQs. This will help you to assess how much you know about your topic. 

What are conditional statements?

These statements are used to control the flow of a program based on certain conditions. There are three main condition statements in C programming: if, else, and switch. The if statement checks a condition and executes a block of code depending on the result. The else statement executes a block of code if the if statement's condition is not met. The switch statement evaluates a given expression and executes a block of code based on the result. A big assortment of MCQs on C presented by Quizack that assembles the most common and the most important questions and answers on this topic so you may learn easily and get your results. 

What are switch statements?

A switch statement is a type of control flow statement that allows you to selectively execute code based on the value of a single expression. It's similar to a series of if statements but is more concise and efficient. Quizack is a place to find the essential MCQ of C, you can prepare these MCQs in your free time. This MCQ practice is free of cost. 

What is a variable name? 

A variable name is a word that is used to represent a value that can change. This can be anything from a number to a string of text. The name assigned to a variable is up to the programmer, and it is important to choose something that will be easy to remember and keep track of. Variable names are case-sensitive, so it is important to be consistent when naming them.

Difference between local variable and global variable?

A local variable is defined inside a function or a block of code, while a global variable is defined outside any function or block of code. Local variables are not accessible from other functions or blocks of code, whereas global variables are. Local variables are destroyed when the function or block of code ends, whereas global variables remain in memory.

What is do while loop?

A do while loop is a control flow statement that allows code to be executed repeatedly based on a given condition. The condition is evaluated after the code block has been executed, meaning that the code block will always be executed at least once.

What are garbage values?

Garbage values are those that have no purpose in a program and can be safely eliminated. In C, these are values that are not used by any pointer variables and have been allocated storage space but never used. As the name suggests, they are like garbage cans - they take up space but don't serve any real function.

What is the standard output?

It is the default destination for all output generated by a C program. This includes both text and any data that is written to output streams.

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