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These AutoCAD multiple choice questions cover a wide range of topics such as drawing commands, layers, properties, hatches, blocks, viewports, etc., so that you understand how AutoCAD functions comprehensively. 


Sample AutoCAD MCQ

Which command is used to reverse the action of another command?






AutoCAD multiple choice questions List

What is AutoCAD is used for?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design (CAD) software application used for creating precise 2D and 3D designs and technical drawings. It can be used to create plans, schematics, diagrams, maps, building layouts, and other illustrations related to engineering, architecture, manufacturing, and construction projects. With AutoCAD, users have access to powerful tools that help them visualize their ideas more accurately using features such as annotation scaling, layers, and blocks. 

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Is AutoCAD software free?

No, AutoCAD is not free software and requires a paid subscription to use. The subscription includes access to the latest version of the full AutoCAD suite, along with some additional features such as cloud storage and mobile app access. Quizack also gives you chance to practice its most beneficial AutoCAD mcq questions and answers freely. 

What are the tools of AutoCAD?

AutoCAD offers a range of powerful tools that provide the user with ultimate control over their designs. The software comes loaded with dozens of features, allowing users to quickly create complex 3D models and make detailed 2D drawings. These tools include drafting and annotation commands, 3D solid modeling capabilities, visual styles to further refine the look of models, and more. 

What are 3 benefits of CAD?

  • Increased Efficiency - CAD programs offer tools for quickly and accurately creating drawings, which can save a significant amount of time and effort compared to manual drafting.
  • Greater Accuracy - CAD programs create highly detailed designs with the ability to easily make adjustments or modifications as needed, helping ensure that your finished product is correct in every way. 
  • Improved Collaboration - With CAD software, multiple users can access a drawing at the same time, allowing teams to work on designs together in real time regardless of their geographical location. This enables faster collaboration between team members and makes it easier to share ideas and feedback more quickly.

Which skills do you need to use AutoCAD?

Using AutoCAD requires certain essential skills in order to use the software effectively. Competency with basic design principles and geometry is important, as well as a good understanding of drafting standards and conventions. 

What are the types of AutoCAD?

AutoCAD offers a range of powerful software packages to meet the needs of different users. AutoCAD LT is the light version of full AutoCAD, offering basic 2D drafting and detailing capabilities with limited 3D functionality. AutoCAD Mechanical provides specialized tools for mechanical engineers and designers, including parts libraries and automated production drawing capability. Quizack is the best knowledge hub that assembles the most crucial AutoCAD questions and answers pdf to download. All the students or job searchers can download the PDFs onto their computers or mobile phones so they can easily study this topic. 

Is AutoCAD a skill?

Yes, AutoCAD is a skill. It is computer-aided design (CAD) software used to create precise, detailed technical drawings. AutoCAD requires proficiency in the use of tools and commands and knowledge of geometric principles and construction techniques.

Do architects use AutoCAD?

Yes, architects use AutoCAD for a variety of tasks. It is an essential tool for designing and drafting architectural plans and creating 3D models and simulations. AutoCAD provides powerful features such as object snaps, layers, blocks, hatches, dimensions, and annotations that easily enable architects to produce precise technical drawings. All the aspirants may easily study and learn from Quizack's best collection of quizzes. Here we have an extensive selection of AutoCAD quiz questions and answers for the best preparation for your examination or job interviews.