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Android Programming multiple choice questions List

Which programming is used in Android?

The Java programming language is used by the Android platform. Using the Android SDK, developers may produce apps that fully utilize the features of the Android platform. The SDK gives programmers access to a variety of tools and APIs that let them build apps that can utilize all the characteristics of the Android platform, including hardware, graphics, data storage, and more.

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Is Android coded in Python?

No, Python is not used to code Android. With a little C++, Android is generally developed in Java. The ability to build Python-based apps and then compile them for usage on Android devices is provided by a few tools, though. 

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Is Android programming easy?

Answering this question is challenging. Your degree of programming skill and understanding will determine how you answer. Programming for Android might be really difficult if you are just starting out. However, programming for Android may be rather simple if you have some prior knowledge. 

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Does Android use C++?

Yes, C++ is used in the creation of Android applications. Android programming differs significantly from conventional C++ development in a number of ways, though. For instance, you may generate C++ code for usage on Android devices using the Android NDK, a unique build system used by Android. 

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Which language is best for Android studio?

Although several languages may be used to program for Android, Java and Kotlin are the most often utilized. The optimal language for Android programming, however, cannot be determined in the right or incorrect way. It actually depends on your tastes and what makes you feel at ease. Quizack is a fantastic resource that gives you access to the most important collection of Android Programming MCQs for outstanding test preparation.