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System Analysis Quiz System Analysis

A Physical DFD specifies:

The org chart
What processes will be used
Who generates data and who processes it
The attributes of the data generated

Who generates data and who processes it

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What is physical DFD?

Physical data flow diagram shows how the information flow is applied or installed in the system. It is all about implementation of hardwares. 

What does a DFD show?

DFD lets you view the flow of information or data through all the system hardwares.

What is the difference between a logical and physical data flow diagram?

Logical DFD lets you find out how the business operates by showing business activities. Here, you will be able to see a collection of information or data.

Whereas, Physical DFD shows the physical implementations by showing manual procedures, programs, and modules. Here, you will be able to view manual files and databases. Here, you can see how controls are implemented to control the inputs, to obtain the data and to ensure the completion of tasks.

What are the elements of DFD?

Data flow
Data store

What is a physical diagram?

This gives you demonstration of physical activities towards the implementation of the system. This diagram shows how the procedure flows and activities linked to that procedure, such as individuals, files, software, and hardware. 

What is physical process model?

This model is able to let you analyze how physical objects move and the data associated to each unit in the organization.

What is DFD example?

Below is a simple diagram to give you an idea of DFD

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What is Level 0 and Level 1 DFD?

Through level 0 DFD diagram, the whole procedure or system is shown as a single process. Whereas level 1 DFD represents each and every sub-procedure that together form the complete procedure or system.

What is a balanced DFD?

Balanced DFD means all the input flows to a process and all the output flows from a procedure/process have been saved for the next level. 

How many types of DFD are there?

Context diagrams
Level 1 DFD
Level 2 DFD

Are data flow diagrams still used?

Yes, DFD is still being used.

What is DFD and its levels?

DFD is known as a data flow diagram which represents the system in terms of different levels of abstraction. Levels in DFDs are numbered as 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on.

What are the rules for drawing DFD?

Make sure that information flow is going in and out from the process.
Process should be having an input and an output flow.
Inputs to a process should be adequate to generate output flows.
Procedures should be able to transmit the data.
Data flows should be aligned and in the sequence. 

Which is not component of DFD?

Data flow

Answer: Attribute

What is system flow diagram?

System flow diagram lets you view  inputs, outputs, procedures, and divisions that form a system together. 

Define logical dfd and physical dfd?

Logical DFD enables you to focus on the business and associated activities. Whereas physical DFD is able to provide you an idea how the whole system has been implemented. 

Physical diagram example?

Physical and Logical DFD: Example 1

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