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Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Focused questions for skill assessment

Focused questions for skill assessment

Premium questions with correct answers

Premium questions with correct answers

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Perl Skill Assessment:

Perl is being used for web development, networking programming, system administration, and GUI development. Initially, it was designed for text manipulation but now it has become a general-purpose programming language. 

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Quizack pool will be discussing the following topics:

Regular expression in Perl MCQ
Unix Shell Command in Perl
Numeric Literals in Perl
Nested Arrays
Multiple choice questions related to subroutines in Perl programming language.
Anonymous Subroutines in Perl

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Free Sample Questions for Perl

What does the pattern modifier m do?

Ignores the character case when matching the pattern

Compiles the pattern and interprets it only the first time it occurs

Treats the input string as if it were a single line

Treats the input string as if it were multiple lines

Allows a comment character in the pattern

Treats the input string as if it were multiple lines

What is known as a reference to a function that is, usually, passed into another function for use?