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Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Focused questions for skill assessment

Focused questions for skill assessment

Premium questions with correct answers

Premium questions with correct answers

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Microsoft Office Skill Assessment:

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is also known as office only. This suite carries client software, MS services, and server software. You can say that Microsoft Office represents the MS family. It carries almost all the necessary applications for windows machines such as Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote features, and Publishers. 

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Microsoft Office MCQs test will touch given topics

  • Product keys, activation, and redemption
  • Onedrive
  • Sharepoint library
  • Site collection
  • Developments and Customizations
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Query conditions
  • OData connection

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Free Sample Questions for Microsoft Office

For which of the following Business Contact Manager record types is it mandatory to be linked to an Account or Business Contact record?

Marketing Activity

Project Task


Business Project

Business Project

Note: This question has more than 1 correct answers

Why would you use content controls in a document?

To get information from another source and have it appear at a specific place in a document.For example, the customer data automatically appears when you create a new invoice.

To create a document and restrict what people can do with it. For example, you create a document that contains legal language, and you want to ensure people don't accidentally change or delete any of its text.

To create structured regions of a document that people fill out. For example, the cover page of the proposal can't be changed except by filling out the title and author.

All of the above

None of the above

All of the above