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Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Focused questions for skill assessment

Focused questions for skill assessment

Premium questions with correct answers

Premium questions with correct answers

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U.S. English Vocabulary Skill Assessment:

U.S. English Vocabulary

U.S. English Vocabulary consists of thousands of phrases, words, meanings, and typical terms. There is a huge number of U. S. English language words that are spoken worldwide but there are many which are only spoken within the specific areas of America.

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U S English language MCQs will touch below topics

  • Sentence Formation
  • Sentence Correction
  • Word Selection
  • Ordering of Words
  • Synonyms and Antonyms

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Free Sample Questions for U.S. English Vocabulary

Choose the word or phrase that is most nearly a synonym for the word in CAPITAL LETTERS in the following sentence. Alec has always been CONTEMPTUOUS of his fellow writers.


Inspired by

Disliked by



Choose the definition that best reflects the meaning of the word in CAPITAL LETTERS as it is used in the sentence below. The publicist was surprised by the INUNDATION of fan letters for her top client.