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Quizack provides Axure RP-Rapid Prototype Tool MCQ practice question answers in an interactive format.

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Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Focused questions for skill assessment

Focused questions for skill assessment

Premium questions with correct answers

Premium questions with correct answers

Related Skill Assessment

Axure RP-Rapid Prototype Tool Skill Assessment:

Axure RP (Rapid Prototype Tool)

Axure RP empowers UI designers, business analysts, and product managers through its rapid prototyping. These tools require no coding or development skills. You can simply drag and drop UI elements from built-in libraries for the sake of prototyping. After that, you can give that prototype any kind of text format, style, or gradient. 

Why is it better to follow Quizack’s Axure RP questions and answers?

Because we don’t put your time and reputation at stake by offering you randomly selected information from random websites. Indeed, we offer the latest and authentic information for the sake of quick evaluation of your skills by consulting our subject matter experts. 

Yes, we have subject matter experts with years of practical exposure. They conduct research and testing before launching a specific pool of questions. It means you will be given the latest questions and verified answers to best handle the relevant IT test, Freelance exam, Employment trial, or Job interview. It does not finish here, we are offering questions/answers not in a typical way but through interactive and optimized testing engines. 

Quizack pool of questions will be based on the following topics

  • Axure RP 10
  • Axure Prototype examples
  • Axure Cloud
  • Axure login
  • Axure RP 9 
  • Axure vs Figma

Interactive Axure RP (Rapid Prototype Tool) skill assessment test

Quizack is going to make your online practice thorough, effective, and meaningful. “Axure RP (Rapid Prototype Tool) Q&A” is a practice session that carries questions/answers in the same format as in the real exams. So we will be boosting your knowledge and making you aware of the typical structures of real exams. 

This session comes as restriction-free. You can browse questions, skip questions, view answers, or end the session at any time. 

On the other side, Quizack offers an “Axure RP (Rapid Prototype Tool) Online Test”. This is like a virtual session intended to test your knowledge. It won’t let you view the questions or answers upfront. This virtual test will bring randomly selected questions one by one. On your part, you will be required to submit each answer within a given time and carry on till the end. Once you are done, you will view all the right answers, so that you can judge by yourself. 

Who can join us?

  • Aspiring to become Axure Prototype Developer
  • Want to become Axure Expert
  • Looking for the Axure RP interview questions and answers
  • Need to appear in a relevant Freelance test, Pre-Employment assessment, or online IT exam.
Free Sample Questions for Axure RP-Rapid Prototype Tool

If you want to create a custom text field without the ugly default border that Axure provides, what is the best way to do this?

There is no way to remove the "Text Field" border

Use the "Text Field" widget and toggle it's border off

Use the "Text Panel" widget and create an interaction to accomplish this goal

Download an Axure library and hope that the "Text Field" has this feature

Use the "Text Field" widget and toggle it's border off

When using the condition builder, which condition would you select to evaluate whether the value entered by a user into a text box is at least <5> characters long?

is checked of

text on widget

selected option of

length of variable value

text on widget