Business Strategy Quiz # 3

Quiz: Business Strategy Quiz # 3
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Business Strategy Quiz # 3
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  • Why might you use discovery-driven planning?

  • Which of the following would probably NOT be considered wrongful termination of an employee?

  • True of False? A Cost Leadership strategy places an emphasis on lower selling prices rather than lower costs.

  • How can companies avoid falling prey to "The Icarus Paradox"?

  • Which of the following is a benefit of Horizontal Integration?

  • Which framework determines the competitive intensity of a market?

  • What is horizontal integration?

  • According to the Growth-share matrix, a high market growth rate and market share means you are:

  • Which is NOT a stage in the shifting basis of competition?

  • What are profit margins?

  • What is a hostile takeover?

  • If you are a company in a cyclical industry what is a good business strategy for you?

  • What micro-economic analysis would you use to analyze economics, social factors, and government regulations?

  • What is recombinant innovation?

  • A competitive advantage suggests what?

  • What trait should an information-driven company have at its core?

  • OPEC is an example of what?

  • Why must change be a strategic function of business?

  • What does the T stand for in the PEST analysis?

  • What are two internal environmental factors that must be considered when developing a sound marketing strategy?

  • Oil companies' business models are examples of what?

  • What performance management tool do companies use to measure and retain their competitive advantage?

  • What is "The Icarus Paradox"?

  • A demand curve is more price elastic when a price____________ ?

  • What is an example of a legal monopoly?

  • In which situation would a joint venture make the most sense?

  • What company is an example of a brandnomer?

  • How many of porter's five forces refer to competition?

  • What ratio is used as an indicator of the size of a leading firm in relation to its industry?

  • What market dominance trend is common in most industries?