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colspan=n can be added to only what tag?

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    Related HTML Questions and Answers:

    How do you add Colspan to a table?

    You can use the <td> tag to add Colspan to a table. 

    Which tag allows you to add a row in a table?

    Cr tag and /cr tag
    Tr tag and /tr tag
    Td tag and /td tag
    Th tag and /th tag

    Answer: Td tag and /td tag

    Which tag is used to insert column?

    You can insert columns by using the <div> tag. Below is its syntax.
    <div class = “number of columns”

    Can Rowspan and Colspan be used together?

    Yes, you can use the combination of Can Rowspan and Colspan in number of situations.

    What does Colspan mean in HTML?

    Colspan means number of columns a cell should have. 

    How do you put a border on a table?

    CSS border property is here to serve you for the same purpose. Here, you need to mention the style of your table as well. 

    Which tag is not closing tag?

    Br, meta, input, img, are not closing tags. 

    Which tag is used for bulleted list?

    You can use <ul> tag in order to create a bulleted list.

    Which tag is used to add rows to table?

    We can use <tr> tag for to add rows to a table. 

    How do I split a column into two rows in HTML?

    You can fulfill this task with the help of rowspan. You can split a column into 2 rows by adding this [rowspan = “2”] to <th> or <td> tag.

    Which attribute does not come in HR tag?

    It is “Thickness” attribute that does not come under HR tag.

    Which attribute is not valid for body tag?

    Left margin
    V link

    Answer: it is V link.

    What is the difference between Rowspan and Colspan?

    Rowspan is implemented to merge cells vertically. Whereas Colspan lets you merge cells horizontally.

    Where can I use Colspan and Rowspan?

    Colspan tag can be used where you need to expand column, whereas Rowspan tag is used when you need to expand rows

    What is Rowspan and Colspan in HTML?

    Rowspan lets the single table cell to expand the height of more than one row or cell.
    Colspan tag lets a single table cell to expand the width of more than one column or cell.

    Rowspan=n can be added to only which tag?


    Answer: <td>

    In order to add border to a table, border attribute is specified in which tag?


    Answer: <table>

    Combining two or more cells in a table on a web page is called?

    None of the above

    Answer: Spanning

    Which of the following is an attribute of table> tag?


    Answer: Cellpadding 

    The attribute helps to align data vertical in a single cell?

    None of these

    Answer: Valign 

    Which attribute of <td> tag is used to merge two or more columns to form a single column?

    You can use the colspan tag that is used for merging two or more columns for the sake of a single column. 

    The tag used in html for creating hyperlinks is:

    <a></a> tag is used in HTML for the creations of hyperlinks.

    Which of the following is not an attribute of table> tag?


    Answer: Src


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