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Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Focused questions for skill assessment

Focused questions for skill assessment

Premium questions with correct answers

Premium questions with correct answers

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System Programming Skill Assessment:

System programming is the procedure of writing and designing computer programs that ultimately lead you towards the desired result. Here, you also have to deal with hardware interfaces to align them with procedures for the sake of effective execution of application software. 

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Hardware and software upgrades planning
Training application programmers and operators
Automation of operations
Running the installations
Performance tuning 
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Free Sample Questions for System Programming

Sharing memory between processes using mmap vs. shm_open has which of the following advantages?

The memory buffer is destroyed when the processes end

The memory buffer automatically expands to meet the needs of the processes

The memory buffer more quickly accessed

The memory buffer is persistent beyond the life of the processes

The memory buffer is destroyed when the processes end

What does the open system call return upon success?

A non zero value, which is the file descriptor.


A positive integer which is the file descriptor.

The pointer to the FILE structure of the open file.

A positive integer which is the file descriptor.