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Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Used by 100s of Jobseekers and students

Focused questions for skill assessment

Focused questions for skill assessment

Premium questions with correct answers

Premium questions with correct answers

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Sencha Skill Assessment:


Sencha Touch is a UI (User Interface) web framework or JavaScript library built for mobile web. Web developers use this framework to create user interfaces for mobile web applications. Sencha is based on CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. 

Quizack offers optimal solution as compared to any 3rd party Sencha tutorials

We have subject matter experts for all the specific subjects. So we provide an optimal number of questions based on the latest topics and ongoing trends. Hence, your skills will be evaluated as per the new topics being practiced worldwide. Since we don’t offer typical lengthy tutorials, your knowledge will be boosted quickly through user-friendly online sessions. 

Sencha questions and answers

You can best prepare yourself for a relevant Pre-Employment assessment, IT exam, Freelance test, or Job interview. Amazing thing is, we will deliver information through optimistic online practicing sessions. It means, you will become aware of the real exam environment and learn the latest information too. 

Quizack’s Sencha assessment test cover below topics

  • Container
  • Memory Utilization
  • Variable Scoping
  • Class system
  • EXT classed in invocation flow
  • Component Query
  • Xtypes List
  • Events
  • Docking
  • Customer components

To-the-point Sencha MCQs questions and answers via interactive sessions

Our online sessions are interactive and responsive. They carry questions through the same format as in the real exams. So we are feeding you knowledge and giving you experience of the typical real exam scenarios. 

“Sencha Q&A” practice session does not come with any limitations. It allows you to handle it as per your requirement. You can browse questions, skip questions, view the answers, or end the session at any time. You can do online practice for indefinite time. 

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On the contrary, “Sencha Online Test” has been developed for the self-assessments purposes. You cannot control this session, since it is a kind of virtual exam made to assess your knowledge. This will ask randomly selected questions one by one. You will be expected to submit all the answers within a predefined time limit. For the sake of self-judgement, you will be given a summary of your virtual session at the end of this session. 

Who can join us?

  • Aspiring to become Sencha Developer
  • Want to become Sencha Touch Programmer
  • Want to be a JS developer
  • Looking for the sencha interview questions and answers
  • Want to deal with a relevant IT exam, Freelance test, or Pre-Employment assessment.
Free Sample Questions for Sencha

How long does src cache images?

Up to one day

One month

One hour

Seven days

Up to one day

True or False? Classes that are not distributed by Sencha should never use Ext as the top-level namespace.