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Real Time Operating System multiple choice questions List

Which is a real time operating system?

An operating system (OS) that ensures a specific capability within a given time frame is known as a real-time operating system (RTOS). A common platform for embedded systems is an RTOS. 

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What are the 2 types of real time operating systems?

Real-time operating systems can be divided into two categories: hard real-time and soft real-time. Hard real-time systems provide assurance that a task will be completed on time. While soft real-time systems do not make these promises, they do strive to complete tasks as quickly as feasible. 

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Is Windows a real-time operating system?

Windows is not typically regarded as a real-time operating system. Windows was not intended to be a real-time operating system, which explains why. Real-time programs can, however, be used with select Windows versions. They are referred to as "embedded" versions of Windows. Windows has embedded versions that are intended to be used in real-time applications. 

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Which data structure is used by RTOS?

The task control block is one of the most significant data structures utilized by RTOS (TCB). The TCB is used to record details about each task, such as the work's priority, state, and other pertinent data. Usually, when a task is created, its TCB is initialized with this data. The RTOS may change the data in the TCB as necessary while the job is running. 

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