Microsoft Azure Quiz # 7

Quiz: Microsoft Azure Quiz # 7
Total Questions: 24 MCQs
Time: 24 Minutes


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Microsoft Azure Quiz # 7
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  • The Kineteco web app runs in an Azure Kubernetes Service. You need to monitor feature use and user navigation paths to identify where improvements are needed. What should you do?

  • Your web app hosted on Azure VMS generates a large number of random (non-sequential) writes. Which storage type should you select for your application?

  • You are configuring a release pipeline in Azure DevOps. You need to reference several application variables across multiple pipelines at deployment time. How should you store application variables?

  • You have configured the Kineteco Web App to run on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Application resources need to scale to meet spikes in traffic. What should you do? The solution should minimize manual effort and cost.

  • You are configuring a release pipeline in Azure DevOps. You need to read secrets from Azure Key Vault during pipeline execution. How should you retrieve application variables?

  • You need to update the data within an existing database in Azure SQL with your changes. You want to test this process from your development workstation before incorporating the update into your CI/CD process. Which command will you run to update the schema on the target database?

  • You have a web app hosted in Azure App Service that reads from and writes data to an Azure SQL Database back-end. You need to send email alert when your web app returns any failure HTTP status code (anything except HTTP 200) for a user request. Which solution should you use?

  • Your new release pipeline in Azure DevOps includes a Bash task that runs an Azure CLI script. The Bash task running script fails. The agent setting of the agent job in the release pipeline is pictured below. The solution must minimize cost. What should you change in agent pool settings?

  • You are selecting a cloud messaging solution for your retail mobile app. Requirements for the solution are: Process messages in the order they are received: preserve messages in case of a processing delay; end guarantee message delivery. Which solution should you use?

  • You need to provision a port mapping on the underlying node that allows the application to be accessed directly with the IP address and on the cluster node. Which service type should you provision?

  • What is the difference between a user-assigned managed identity and a system-assigned managed identity?

  • You need to configure user access to Azure DevOps agent pools to meet the following requirements: Use an agent pool when authoring build or release pipelines for the project; view the agent pool and agents of the organization; and use the principle of least privilege. Which role memberships are required for the Azure DevOps organization and the project?

  • You have created an Azure CLI script for a release pipeline in Azure DevOps. You need to reference the working directory for the running job. Which variable should you reference?

  • You are selecting Azure technologies for a new a pp that will process print jobs in a facility with thousands of printers. A pool of worker processes will send jobs to printer and report results when jobs are complete. Requirements for the solution are: Worker processes will retrieve and process messages as capacity permits; if a worker process or printer fails, a worker process should be able to retrieve message and resume processing; and the solution should maintain a central (server-side) log of messages processed. Which solution should you use?

  • In Azure Key Vault, you can manage access to your application secrets by setting permissions at any level except _.

  • Your company hosts a web application that uses Azure SQL Database to store data. You need to implement measures that allow only members of the managers group to see sensitive information. Which two actions should you perform?

  • The Kineteco Inventory App uses an Azure SQL Database instance to store application and store inventory data. Store employees report occasional periods where queries in the web interface never return data. You suspect a database issue and need to identify the performance issue as soon as possible. The resource health dashboard reports "No health related issues found." What should you do?

  • Your web application needs to access files on an Azure Files share. Which option will deliver the highest throughput?

  • You have source code for a project in a repository on GitHub. You need to migrate source code to a repository in Azure Repos. The solution should minimize effort. Which solution should you recommend?

  • You need to facilitate user acceptance testing (UAT) on your web application hosted in App Service. Testers must approve changes before they are deployed to production. You should implement support for these requirements with a minimum of cost and complexity. What should you do?

  • Your microservices application includes a logging component that performs a large number of sequentinal writes. Which type of Azure Storage should you use?

  • Group policy objects are not being applied to domain controllers because the Default Domain Controllers and Default Domain group policies are corrupt. What can you run in a command prompt to recover them?

  • Your JavaScript app hosted in Azure App Service needs to be able to make calls to a remote domain in another Azure region. Which App Service feature do you need to configure?

  • Bindings in Azure Function triggers have a direction property that is always _.