Symfony2 Quiz # 1

Quiz: Symfony2 Quiz # 1
Total Questions: 30 MCQs
Time: 30 Minutes


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Symfony2 Quiz # 1
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  • In regard to validating the data that is entered in forms, which of the following constraints is NOT supported by Symfony2?

  • The Dependency Injection component allows you to

  • If you have the role IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY , then you also have the role IS_AUTHENTICATED_REMEMBERED

  • Which of the following allows you to manipulate assets however you like before serving them?

  • Which of the following Components allows you to trace a specific URI to a description of how it should be handled?

  • What Symfony2 environment is used to run unit tests?

  • Which of the following methods is used to generate a URL for a given route?

  • True or False? The HTTP response from a controller is limited to 404 errors, XML documents, and HTML pages.

  • Symfony2 is only supported on:

  • Which of the following methods allows you to progress to another controller internally?

  • Which of the following Components contain the Request and Response classes?

  • Where is the routing configuration file located?

  • Select the sequence that shows an example of a simple controller.

  • Which of the following directories contains any publicly accessible files?

  • The __________ allows you to begin using PHP classes without including the file containing the class.

  • Where is the AppKernel class stored?

  • The ________ class is a simple object-oriented representation of the HTTP request message.

  • Which of the following lets you write templates more quickly as well as makes them easier to read?

  • Which of the following field types are supported in Doctrine?

  • Which of the following is a Doctrine field type for numbers?

  • Which of the following package manager is used in Symfony2 to manage vendor and their dependency ?

  • How do you disable CSRF protection?

  • What are the 3 environments a Symfony2 project BEGINS with?

  • What are the three parts of the logical controller name?

  • What tag is used for template inheritance?

  • Choose the best description of the following configuration: secure: path: /secure defaults: { _controller: SmartererDemoBundle:Main:secure } schemes: [https]

  • What class is used by the front controller to bootstrap an application?

  • A directory that contains a set of files that represents a particular feature is known as a/an:

  • What is the purpose of the _controller parameter in routing?

  • Security is a two-step process, the first being Authentication?